March, 18


2 tips for your next Photo Tour

Harry Fisch

50 consejos de fotografía de viaje


Tip 1. – Prepare that decisive moment of your own on a Photo Tour.


When on a photo tour, there is no reason to shoot pictures in a hurry, unless you are a paparazzo. I admit that every photographer seeks to immortalize fleeting moments… but a good photographer prepares for the moment! On a photo tour , you should be aware of the environment, how the characters move, the light. What is going to appear in the foreground and what in the background. It makes all the difference.



War photographers or those chasing after celebrities obviously haven’t got much time, but if you look at good photos taken by great professionals, you will always notice that light, foreground and background have been carefully considered.


Tip 2. – When you are travelling,  available light is 90%  the photo. 


Light is your ally. When you can’t control it, as in 90% of all travel photography situations, you have to watch its source and how it falls on the character(s) you intend to photograph. Is it diffused? Are there different shades of light between the plane illuminating the characters and the background? If you move them, will they pick up the light in a better or more pleasant way? How are the shadows being formed?