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Adventure Photo Tours

Harry Fisch

“Handcrafted” photo tours for a maximum of 8 photographers of all levels and age.  Photography is our excuse to explore different worlds, to discover realities other than our own, and to see what happens behind the scenes and beyond what a normal traveler sees and experiences. We offer you a personal photographic experience that will improve your technical skills and boost your creativity. We carefully choose the locations as our itineraries are orientated towards more special and authentic experiences.

The best thing for me about my trip to India was the staff. it wasn’t some academic kind of ordeal. I really didn’t want a trip that was going to be an ‘educational’ vacation. They did help me when needed, and the photo review sessions were great – I loved seeing everyone else’s shots and talking about them. But I was happy also that I got to do my own thing and that we weren’t locked into a strict routine. We saw a lot of interesting and curious things, and I’d like to go back and explore the places I didn’t get a chance to go.

A.L. Thompson

Only for 8

Only for 6 to 8 photographers, these trips are particularly planned, exclusive photo tours and expeditions to exotic destinations. As with all of our tours, “Only for 8” has a focus on travel photography and people. The small size of the group gives us plenty of time to discuss technical problems, creative doubts, or any other personal matters that may arise. The small group size also helps achieve a friendly and less aggressive integration between the traveler and the locations we visit.


More than Photography

Photography is our excuse to explore different worlds, to discover realities other than our own, and discover what happens behind the scenes, beyond what a normal traveler might see.  We are all passionate about photography, and want our clients to share that. We approach this challenge by creating an opportunity to catch everything at its best; evaluating lighting, the scene, and watching people interact until we hit the perfect, most natural composition.


Developing a personal vision

The aim of our photographic trip is to develop photographic abilities and a personal vision that create emotionally charged images which express the particular viewpoint of each participant. Creating images must go beyond the mere “capture”. A photographer has a vision much the way a writer has a voice; having a handle on technique is important, but finding your visión, your photographic style, and learning how you approach your subject material is the most interesting part of these trips. We hope to help you créate photos that include a piece of you in them, and that help you understand and connect with your subject, instead of being merely a wtiness to what happens in front of the camera.


Exciting and fun

This expedition will be exciting, passionate, and fun. It will open doors to new worlds rich in opportunities for an artist and photographer, but the pace of the daily work can be demanding. Our priority, when choosing accommodation, is to give you proximity to the desired photographic location and contact with local people. With a few exceptions, we stay at well-placed hotels that allow us to reach the area of photography in a short time, and have good amenities, such as that have private bathrooms, air conditioning and/or fans. We will try to be at each location at the best time of day, and this may involve the occasional early start. A day spent taking photographs can be long, but we will do our best to keep you on your toes, giving you new challenges that raise the bar for whatever your current photography level is.


Not a workshop, not a tour

These are trips where photography is taught and learned, but not in the traditional manner.  Far less academic than a photography workshop, these trips takes place in remote areas that are beautiful and certainly intense, and you start in hands on from the get-go.  A professional photographers will give you advice on the technical aspects of photography as needed, but above all, about the environment of the shooting: the way to approach the subject, the preparation, the equipment. Spontaneous lessons will alternate between posing, analysis of photographic techniques and photo reviewing sessions.