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Our China Photo Tour awarded as Best of 2016

Harry Fisch



Our CHINA PHOTO TOUR has been awarded as the BEST 2016 PHOTO TOUR by travel magazine TRAVEL BABBO. This has been a phenomenal surprise! Specially having been judged by a professional traveler who has visited China many times and who has climbed four times to the Great Wall in China.

We where not aware -until his return from the China trip-, that one of our customers and excellent photographer, was the founder of the prestigious travel Magazine. This intense traveler, who has visited more than 80 countries, is read by over 152.000 followers on social media.


Eric Stoen, this is the name, has also won Conde Nast Traveler’s Photography 2012 Contest. Eric is an expert and discerning member of most of the highly respected travel associations: Afar Ambassador, Lonely Planet Pathfinder, Yahoo Travel Explorer, only to name a few.


This edition of Nomad Photo Expeditions China Photo Tour was lead by the National Geographic photographer Tino Soriano, and the trip was following a similar itinerary to the previous China Photo Tours run by Nomad.


As per Eric own words:


China Photo Tour

…the photographer guiding us (Tino Soriano) was excellent, and the itinerary was perfectly arranged to maximize photographic opportunities – kind of the opposite of my trip to Japan last year with…

Eric also addresses the issue of the very specific “Out of the Beaten Path” itinerary here:


Three Cormorant at the Li River in China

Did we get away from tourists? Yes and no. We definitely succeeded in escaping western tourists. For a full six days we didn’t see any others.

His description of the itinerary is quite exhaustive and interesting. From Beijing, to the greetings and festivals in Jidao, Guizhou up to the photographic coverage of the only village in China where the villagers are allowed to carry guns, in Basha.


On this China Photo Tour we visit a handful of “Out of the beaten paths” locations, rarely visited by western tourists. We enjoy plenty photo sessions with tribes and people in posed and un-posed shoots, good food and time spent documenting the breathtaking landscape. One of the great spots that we cover is the place where a few existing Cormorant fishermen are still, occasionally, dropping their nets.


This China Photo Tour is one of my personal favourites, and I think one of the most exciting in the Nomad Photo Expeditions repertoire.  You can have an additional idea of it visiting  the post, Mysterious China Tour. It takes you to a ‘road less traveled’ through the deep country, and the route has been purposefully and carefully planned to bring us close to the culture in an organic and authentic way. China is a vast and varied country, but this China Photo Tour has been specially designed to give an accurate overview of the southern tribes, and their roots in the green, mountain land, in just two weeks.


I have to strongly recommend Travel Babbo and Eric Stoen’s review. If you want to have a first hand impression from an expert traveler who has enjoyed the experience.

Here it Is: Travel Babbo