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What’s so different on a Morocco Photography Trip

Harry Fisch


The Best Morocco Photo Tour

Morocco is very different from your normal travel destinations. Especially for a photo tour. Not only does it have amazing scenic beauty and culture, but it’s also bursting with warmth. The people are warm and accommodating, the climate is warm, and there is always a warm light just perfect to capture the beauty and essence of the places you visit in Morocco while you’re there. It’s an extremely photogenic country. Perfect for a photographic workshop, especially when you’re looking for something different, something out of the ordinary. Here are a few places you can visit to capture the essence of Morocco truly.



Dunes in Morocco

There is literally no end to mesmerizing subjects for your shoot.




Old castle Moroccan

The European and Moorish influence that is clearly visible through the local architecture.


Best Places to Capture the Beauty of Morocco

Morocco is riddled with incredible landscapes, bustling markets, and ancient medinas. That’s not all though. There is way more to Morocco than its obvious appeal. Your would aim to capture the landscape, people, and culture of Morocco all in one frame. You’ll have to really apply yourself in order to do this. Finding the balance of finer points with your lens will be a challenge, but an exciting one.


Morocco is famous for its high Atlas Mountains, the golden dunes of the Sahara, the quiet coastal town of Essaouira where you’ll find natural beauty, culture, and fantastic lighting waiting for you, Marrakesh where there are so many untapped photographic opportunities, and Ouarzazate, which is not one of your typical destinations, with so much historical value and natural beauty. Among all these places, there’s no way your Moroccan photographic workshop will be anything but a success.


Listening music Morocco

The city of Ouarzazate stands as one of the most incredible destinations..


Best Time to Travel to Capture the Essence of Morocco

The Moroccan lighting is perfect at almost all times of the year. There is no wrong time to visit this sought out tourist destination. If you want a neither too hot, nor too cold climate, you should go during the months of either April to May, or September to November. There will be less heat and fewer tourists standing in the way of your perfect shot.

Morocco is a place unlike any other. That’s why it’s so famous among photographers. It’s a place with a lot to offer. Not just in terms of lighting and scenery, but also culture, heritage, solitude, and lots of hidden photographic treasures.

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