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Why do we travel ? Harry Fisch Private Portfolio

Harry Fisch

The Private Portfolio 





The three of us



The photographs in my Private Portfolio are inspired in the places I visit when I lead the Nomad Photo Expeditions Photo Tours.  Many of those images have even been taken while on a Nomad Photo Tour . They are the result of many years of work and repeated visits.  I am currently working on a photographic series that plays with the reality that hides beneath a the apparent simple looks of the travel photographer’s image: we want to believe that what we see is “real” just because it is happening in front of us  and feeds our preconceived  expectations.  


As travelers we are exposed to icons and cliches expressing  popular and common thoughts on how a Chinese should look like or how should an Ethiopian tribe be. There is an irony in what is shown to the viewer, a joke where the importance given to the iconic  appearance is a camouflage of the underlying reality.

Chines girls

Limited edition 2 of 10  /   Size: 542 H x 305 W x 1.2 in  /  Printing Chromaluxe dye sublimation on 1,4 mm aluminium.


When we look at the Chinese girls in the image everything contributes to build the cliche: the dresses, the landscape, the photographer’s approach. Traditional dresses, dull colors, renaissance setting with the landscape in the back. Only the phones are a glimpse to modern times. 


Some of the images in the Private Portfolio are sold as  Limited Printed Edition of 25 and 2 artist’s proofs C-print on  archive paper Image Size depending on the original photograph. Signed and numbered by the artist .



Mongolian Couple.