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An incredible Cuba Photo Tour

Harry Fisch

My Cuba photo tour  will take you through some of the most exciting, beautiful and photogenic locations in this exceptional country.


This is not a standard Cuba program. Being a professional travel photographer, totally fluent in Spanish and having visited Cuba for the last 8 years I design and lead the Tour which is entirely organized and run by a  licensed travel agent that cares for all non-photographic issues.


You will benefit immensely during the active photo sessions.  Not only will you get the opportunity to shoot parts of  Cuba and Havana that regular visitors never get to see, but  we will work on how to enhance your personal skill development:  from how best to approach the subjects, to which techniques to use. 



Personal and photographic encounters have been carefully planed in order to interact deeply with the Cuban people and get a profund knowledge of the Cuban reality and promote the private activities of Cuban nationals,  This is a specially elaborated itinerary in order for you  to comply with the requirements of the Support for the Cuban People official designation were you, as an individual traveler, are  engaging in a full-time schedule of activities that enhance contact with the Cuban people, support civil society in Cuba, or promote the Cuban people’s independence from Cuban authorities. This program is also made in order to satisfy what has to be a truly Nomad Photo Expeditions photographic itinerary in Cuba. 


Also, Havana gives you an incredible location for photographic series.  Please look at some of my pictures of the Cuba Photo Tour Pictures.   And a look at one of my personal series:  Cubana


All the pictures bellow have been taken during our  photo tour!


Photographic trip with a cuban plantation owner



Cuban Boxers


Cuban in Havana



Ballerinas on a Nomad Photo Tour




The daily activities are many times combined with photography and also providing interesting and unique photographic opportunities. We do of course enjoy nice lunches and dinners but these trips  are mainly related to people, their lives and way of living and the daily struggle to reach an independent life aside from the politically imposed restrictions. 

We stay in the center of the cities, perfectly placed at walking distances to very interesting photo locations. Added  to the daily schedule we have  the occasional street photography and candid work.   Authentic Voodoo session (Santeria) with our deep exchanges and diuscussions on daily life, photo sessions with dancers , shoe makers working, barbers at their place, Havana cigars manufacturers…

The group is small. I speak fluently Spanish and we bring with us a very reliable Spanish-English guide and, -should the circumstance require it- an additional photographic assistant.

We will rarely be taking pictures as a group, as a maximum of two photographers will be working together with their subjects. I suggest taking pictures individually and then get together to enjoy and discuss while getting photographic advice and instruction.  It’s a one to one tuition, were I personally address (with more or less success, I imagine) all questions that concerns the photographer and concentrate in supporting the photographic opportunities or spotting the photographic weaknesses that I discover ..

Story telling, is my main area of work and I take my photographers to different areas and locations were I know that we have more opportunities. Part of the activity is a “training” on how to get in close contact with people and get a better possibilities and opportunities of a picture with soul..

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A Testimonial (here you can read more testimonials:


” Two weeks after our arrival in the states, we are just now coming down from what was probably one of the best trips of our lives. As professionals in the photography business, we went into this experience open-minded and ready to explore. Harry’s energy and commitment not only matched ours, but exceeded it.

You would think that a photographer who has been to a country numerous times would somehow let the cumulative effect of all his knowledge make him a complacent and a “dial it in” kind of leader. Harry was the very opposite. His energy and enthusiasm was infectious. His knowledge and compassion combined with his ability to adapt made our trip incredible. His thirst for humanity and ability to highlight what we would normally walk past, was phenomenal and for two people who are no strangers to the profession of street shooting, we learned and we grew immensely.

Harry takes your hand when you want him to, and he will step to the side when you are ready to soar. He is an ally, a confidant and a true teacher. “


Ami And Chris Riess ( Santa Monica, California)



You do not need to be a photographer to enjoy this tour, photographers and travelers of all ages and experience come with us. You only need to be reasonably fit as we will be enjoying photographic walks.



Boxing in Cuba



An archipelago of islands located in the northern Caribbean Sea, Cuba is an intoxicating mix of sights, sounds and traditions. Its colorful history makes Cuba what it is today – a melting pot of European, African and Caribbean cultures that combine to create a unique locale. There is no better way to get to know the real Cuba than a visit to its vibrant capital city, Havana. 



cuba photo tour


Photographic trip with a cuban plantation owner



So, are you prepared to discover the wonders of Cuba from behind the camera? This real life trip is guaranteed to show you the true face of Cuba – be it the preserved colonial architecture, the natural beauty of the countryside or the smiles of the locals as they go about their business – and is an experience to savor.


Find out more at Cuba Photo Tours and get prepared for your Cuban mission.



If you want to join me on my next photo tour visit Nomad Photo Expeditions

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