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Over the years, Harry Fisch has led and organized small, carefully designed, exclusive photo tours to exotic destinations. Our expeditions are exciting, passionate, and fun. Photography is our excuse to explore different worlds, to discover realities other than our own, and to see what happens behind the scenes and beyond what a normal traveler sees and experiences.
Travelers of all levels and ages, novices, and experienced photographers, join our trips with a focus on travel photography and people. This is not a sightseeing tour in which a photographer has been included.



Don’t upload your pictures on Facebook

  Little is learned from straight praise and flattery We want the judgment on artistic factors that pertain to the photographic world.   Photography seems to be a lonely pleasure and complacency is one of the first sins of any artist, photographers included. We have big egos, and it is inevitable that the magnificent praise […]


How to get your best India

India is essentially a photographer’s all you can eat buffet; from the whirlwind of the festivals, to the bustling throngs of the marketplaces, the exquisite architectures, and the hundreds of peoples and cultures, you can and will find any photographically appealing scenario you could possibly imagine in this incredible country. But, though it has an endless supply of spectacular fodder for your camera, going there unprepared can lead to frustration and stress.


Who's Harry Fisch

harry fisch

Harry Fisch was the Winner of the 2012 world National Geographic photo contest in the Places Category and later disqualified due to editing-out a plastic bag (read the post "How I won and lost the National Geographic contest in less than one second"). In 2019 he won two professional honorable mentions at the very prestigious IPA world contest and reached the final selection in the professional section of the Travel Photographer of the Year. Among other prices finalist on the 2013 Sony World Photo awards and the Grand Prix de la Decouverte. Also reaching the final selection at the 2010 Photoespaña (the most prestigious Spanish photographic event) "discoveries" section.

A writer in different international photography publications, Harry Fisch's work has been published in various prestigious web photography sites such as Lens Culture, Maptia, Ephotozine,

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