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An incredible Japan photographic trip

Harry Fisch





Among all the trips we organize, one of the most extraordinary is the Photo tour to Japan. Exotic, interesting, and situates us in a totally different world from the one we know.

The photo opportunities are extraordinarily interesting and we organize different photo sessions including a photo session with a maiko. 

Maikos are the apprentice geisha, it is difficult to get to photograph a Maiko or a Geisha as it requires a personal introduction and the persona who introduces you is directly responsible for her guests.

VISIT THE GUIDED  PHOTO TOUR TO JAPAN which takes us through the Japanese world and the traditions of Japan. As you can see from our photographic trip to Japan, we have a whole cast of situations and visits to different places in Japan.

It is always useful to obtain some information before traveling to Japan in order to make the most of the photographic experience. In order to make the most of the photographic trip to Japan, it will be much more profitable.



The profession of the geisha was officially recognized in the second half of the 18th century. Geisha are women who dedicate their lives to traditional Japanese arts and use their talents to entertain clients during banquets and performances.

Geishas are noted for their mastery of various types of art, which are generally traditional dances (including dancing), singing, literature, poetry, flower arranging and playing traditional instruments. In addition to entertaining through the arts, geisha are also skilled in the art of conversation and must have a high general culture.

Geisha have long embodied the epitome of refinement and are the custodians of Japanese culture and traditions. Today they are still highly respected and their loyal customers continue to spend astronomical amounts of money to enjoy their company, usually at the teahouses. The customers are mostly businessmen, politicians or wealthy individuals.  Exceptionally we will have the chance to set a private photographic session during our Japan Photo tour.  Traditionally, not all wealthy clients could obtain the services of geisha. Back then it was necessary to come with a recommendation or be referred by an existing client.

Today this is still somewhat the case, although some geisha have decided to show some of their art to tourists, through tea ceremonies and some shows, this is why we can today have the chance of a photo session in Japan with a Geisha.

The cost of a geisha’s services is calculated according to the time you spend with her. In addition, you have to pay for food and drinks consumed during the meeting.

Then the girls would begin their intensive training in the arts. During the apprenticeship many specialized in a particular art. In general, dance was considered the noblest.  This is a great opportunity in order to organize our photographic trip.   As they improved in the arts, the apprentices began to accompany the geisha to their appointments. The two geisha were united by a sisterhood, the older one passing on her knowledge to the younger one and, little by little, introducing her to the closed circle of geisha. To be successful, the novice had to attract attention in order to gain a client base.

Once they were ready, they became professional geisha and could organize their own appointments. This initiation was marked with a collar changing ceremony, called erikae. The red collar of the apprentices gives way to the white collar, reserved for confirmed geisha.

This training of the geisha has remained virtually unchanged to this day, although it is likely to be shorter. In addition, of course, this profession is now entered on a voluntary basis and the average age to begin apprenticeship is 17 or 18 years of age.