October, 29


Life along the Ganges, a short essay

Harry Fisch

A series on Varanasi

See my new series on VARANASI , India, here


This work has been featured as the Editor’s choice in Maptia.

It’s a pleasure to share this extraordinary website with you.  Probably the  better selection of serious travel photography with off the beaten track destinations.

Here below, part of an interesting post on India, that you can read in this same blog, “Photographing Varanasi at Down


I have spent years traveling to Varanasi, India. From my particular experience it is one of the destinations that I consider the most unpredictable for a photographer. And yes, that’s were I will be, again on my next India Photo Tour.

It is here where I took the photo that won (then lost) the first prize in the National Geographic Photo Competition in 2012, and where I took the photo that made me a finalist at the Sony World Photo Awards in 2013.

After the first ten minutes a visitor begins to comprehend the disorder of Varanasi (the chaos, mashing together of opposing smells, sounds, cars and scooters blurring by) that accompanies them throughout their stay. The city is a concentration of all the most magnificent excesses of the country.