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Luiza Boldeanu

Harry Fisch

Luiza Boldeanu (born 1987) is a well-known Romanian photographer, specialized in portrait photography, documentary and fine art. She started photography in 2007 when she decided to capture in images, the places where she was traveling at that time. But travel photography was not enough so she started to challenge herself with different projects. She traveled and pictured people and places from Romania, Nepal, Argentina, India, Vietnam, Sri Lanka, Thailand, Jordan and many others. Her portraits were published in many publications and websites including National Geographic and Vogue. She has numerous exhibitions, personal and group, in Romania and Europe. Luiza is a a photography trainer, co-leading workshops and photo tours together with Dan Dinu.

Luiza Boldeanu is a well-known Romanian photographer, specialized in portrait, documentary and fine art photography. Her pictures were published in many publications, including National Geographic and Vogue. She is the author of several personal and group exhibitions in Romania and abroad. She has several photography award inclusive 3rd place on National Award, on Sony Photography Awards, 2014.
Luiza is also the coordinator of Photolife, one of the biggest photography schools in Romania, where she teach courses and workshops. Till now she was leading photo tours in many parts of Romania, but also foreign countries. She visited and photographed till now more than 20 countries.
Publication and exhibitions:
–    Personal exhibition “Through time”, Bucharest, Romania, 2011
–    Personal exhibition “ Emotions”, Brasov, Romania, 2013
–    Group exhibition FotoHaiku “Dance”, Bucharest, Romania, 2013
–    Group exhibition within International Festival of Film and Photo Slideshow called ” Autumn in Voroneţ” Gura Humorului, Romania, 2012/2013
–    Group exhibition “Imbold Nativ”, Bucharest, Romania 2013
–    Group exhibition “Versus dar impreuna”, Negresti-Oas, Romania 2013
Published work in National Geographic, Foto4all,,, Professional Photography UK and Vogue Italia.
Latest project “Identities” publications, awards and exhibitions:
–    3rd place on National Awards, Sony Photography Awards, 2014
–    Project exhibition  „Identities” , Barlad, Romania, 2014
–    Project exhibition  „Identities”, Brasov, Romania, 2014
–    Project exhibition  „Identities”, Bucharest, Romania, 2014
–    Project exhibition  „Identities”, Cluj Napoca, Romania, 2015
–    Project exhibition  „Identities”, Lyon, France, 2015
–    Project exhibition  „Identities”, Romanian Consulate in Lyon, France, 2015
–    Project exhibition  „Identities”, Paris, France, 2015
Publications:  Foto4all,,, Professional Photography UK and Vogue Italia.
Luiza’s Statement:
I have tried almost all types of photography but none of them fascinates me enough as portraiture, being documentary, fine art or conceptual. We, as human being, are beautiful and that is reflected through our eyes, through our features, through our gesture.
It is stunning just to stay and observe, and then capture it and show it, in order to open the eyes of everybody towards the beauty that is around us. I started photography because this is the only way to express what I see, feel, think, to make public my inner being, my state of mind. And it is an unbelievable stunning feeling when you show your work and people find themselves in it, in that pictures, in that moment.