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Oaxaca Day of the Dead, a photographic experience.

Harry Fisch


Photographing Day of the Dead

Our photo tour to the Day of the Dead in Oaxaca is spread over three days which include the 31st October, 1st November, and 2nd November. These days coincide with Halloween, all saints day, and all souls day.

Our tour leader and photographer for this event is Tino Soriano, many times internationally awarded, he has visited several times the Day of the Dead celebration in Oaxaca and this should lead to the perfect opportunity for photographers who enjoy a variety of characters and colors. Obviously our visit to Mexico coincides with the most important dates of the festival.



praying im the night at oaxaca

There is literally no end to mesmerizing subjects for your shoot.


There is no shortage of experiences on this photographic trip. All the small towns are abuzz with the preparations and from the little alters inside the homes to the streets and graveyards, there are flowers, food, and decoration everywhere.

The flowers laid out along with the pictures of those family members that have passed on are to assist the souls to come visit their families again and share a feast. There are color and candlelight everywhere. In the evenings, after dark, the setting is perfect to capture the hundreds of flickering lights all over the graveyards.





Sometime in 2017, the children’s animated film Coco brought to light the Mexican Day of the Dead culture. Anyone who has seen the movie will now remember the myriad of orange flowers and the large feasts that were laid out for the deceased members of each family. The movie was true to Mexican culture and in real life too, Mexicans are firm believers in the customs of the Day of the Dead.

The residents in their festive costumes too are nothing short of spectacular and make for great photography. Whether you are visiting a home, walking down the street or checking out the marketplace, you will be enthralled by the sights. Make the most of your camera and capture everything you can but also remember to be present in the experience.

Let each of your pictures tell a story that you can relive when you look at them again.

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