March, 20


Photo Sessions or Spontaneous pictures ?

Harry Fisch


Cartier Bresson’s “decisive moment” requires tons of patience

There is a time for spontaneous photography as much as there is one for a posed photo session


There is a whole theory supporting spontaneous photography versus “set” or “posed” photographic sessions. In fact those are two different animals on their own. They complement and enrich each other under certain circumstances and especially when you are in a photographic tour.

There is a time and moment for spontaneous photography as much as there is one for a posed photo session. This is, lastly, how it goes on my photo tours.

Let’s face it, Cartier Bresson’s “decisive moment” requires tons of patience and, most of the times, intensive preparation. Else it calls for lots of luck and consequently, you will need to bring most odds on your side to be successful.

On the India or Mongolia photo tour it would be great to find on each corner of the street the treasure trove of an exciting photographic situation: the dreamed “Street Photographer’s” picture but most times things are not that easy.

Should you only rely on luck? You are a passionate photographer; you have little time left for photography and have invested a substantial amount of money in a photo tour. Having finally reached an unknown (for you) distant place where you could possibly never return again…

For a set photo session, the best possible approach will require:

– Knowing where, which place, which spot, you have more chances of getting the “good” picture

– Finding the best possible moment of the day or the week (and possibly the best moment of the year)

– Anticipating if you will have any issue accessing the subject.

– Choosing the best moment of the day as well as the situation of the subject as regards to the location as well as the lighting.

And the previous invisible tasks we have to go through:

– Find the place
– Find the owner/s of the place
– Negotiate with them
– Get the permits
– Meet the subjects/models
– Agree on the fees
– Make sure that everything goes as planned.