Cuba photo tour Only 7 participants. The most incredible photographic encounters. AN AUTHENTIC VOODOO PHOTO SESSION.

Cuba, Havana, Viñales, Trinidad & Cienfuegos

3,995 US$

An 8 days intensive discovery of the people of Havana and the countryside, Viñales, Trinidad and Cienfuegos. We will have daily personal contact with the denizens of a vibrant island that offers continuous photographic opportunities. A one to one immersion with organised encounters with artists, business men, "real" people as well as private and staged photo sessions and spontaneous work with Harry Fisch. Ultimately, it’s about our experience with Cuban people. Interesting people, Hidden locations, hard to find and reach photographic opportunities .

For photographers of all levels. The special atmosphere of Cuba in an unique and unforgettable experience

Whatever your country of origin is you can now  join this very special Havana Photo Tour.

Visit the Post INCREDIBLE CUBA and get an idea on how is a typical day like.



  • -  Limited to 7 participants only (exceptionally 8)
  • - We will be sharing and exchanging moments of real life with the people
  • -  With an expert Spanish/English  bilingual award winning photographer
  • -  Private staged photo sessions with ballerinas, boxers
  • -  Private voodoo session in a real home with real practitioners
  • -  Document and discuss the reality of  an authentic Cuban new business activity
  • -  A Havana People to People with unique photographic opportunities
  • -  Compelling photographic and educational visits to dance and artist's studios, local produce markets, boxing arenas, music venues
  • -  We will work on storytelling with our photographs, starring the characters of Havana. Musicians, painters, dancers, santeras all await our lenses, set against the backdrop of the passionate atmosphere of the Cuban world.
  • - Architecture: Former colonial architecture and Art Deco. El Malecon. The suspended time through architecture.
  • - Locations: Alleys and streets, the extraordinary cemetery of Havana. The outskirts.
  • - Landscapes: Cityscapes The Malecon, Havana Vieja. 
  • - Experiences: Some transfers in  the classic American car from the 50s. We will be shooting a Santeria (Voodoo) private photo session, ballerinas in a palace  and many more photographic activities.
  • -  The special people of Cuba and Havana, photographed at the winding alleys, the neo-gothic churches, 20’s style theaters.  We will find a veritable cornucopia of stages for our photography here. Everything from former colonial style buildings to the Art Deco movement, which is represented in Havana.

I will offer  you  many photographic opportunities related to people and cultural diversity: unique locations, spontaneous street photography, planed  private photo sessions in very special surroundings. It's one to one instruction, where I personally address all questions and concerns.

Also, several photo sessions and photographic encounters have carefully been planed and  created but, finally, It’s up to the photographer what they want the experience to be. We will have access to A Vodoo session (Santeria).  Cuba National ballet dancers while training and  shoe makers working and a few surprises along the way.

We will be sharing and exchanging moments of real life with the people, seeking opportunities in the most interesting spots and encounters in Havana; from the budding business of markets, barbershops to working with models who will pose for us.   We will have free, daily personal photographic contact with the denizens of a vibrant city that offers continuous photographic opportunities.  Getting around the music filled streets in classic cars, browsing the Art deco buildings of the harbor area, and capturing the city waking up each morning are among the fantastic photo opportunities we’ll have, and this is just the beginning.

This is not a tourist visit.  We will enjoy the city, and see some sights, of course, but it isn’t a tour with camera included: it's about our interaction with the locals. 

It is an opportunity to really meet and connect with the Cuban people, and experience the quickly-shifting cultural landscape they live in. Cuba is one of the spots on the map that is alive; ever changing, ever evolving, but ever beautiful. So come along with Nomad and capture this face, this angle of this enchanting country before it sweeps into its next era.

We are mainly oriented toward people photography and buildings: short lenses, close distance, atmospheric places. Dancers, shoemakers, barbers, old art nouveau buildings, decadent structures.  We will have access to spontaneous street photography, portraits in close contact and personal exchange with people, Vodoo session (Santeria).  Also, private photo sessions with dancers while training and  shoe makers working and a few surprises along the way.

Being a professional travel photographer, totally fluent in Spanish and having visited Cuba for the last 8 years I lead small groups.

We will rarely be taking pictures as a whole as, in people photography, it is preferable to have a maximum of two people interacting with their subjects.  I personally address all questions and concerns of the photographer and concentrate on supporting the photographic opportunities we have found and planed for you and also discover together.

A Real-Life Cuba Photo Tour and a photographic adventure.

This photo tour  is geared above all towards personal skill development, but also personal interest. Ultimately, it’s about our experience with Cuban people, so we try to also keep it flexible.


Harry is an international award winning, bilingual Spanish-English photographer, and a seasoned traveler of Cuba who knows all the out of the way spots where followers of Santeria (a variation  of Voodoo) practice, Cuba’s best boxers take to the canvas, and where to hang out with Havana’s rising small-business entrepreneurs.  This is a once in a lifetime chance to see the real Cuba and it’s day to day life, beyond the razzle dazzle put out for tourists.

Harry,  will also advise you on how to approach the subjects, the preparation, the photographic vision, analysis of the situation.  He has traveled enough in Cuba to know the best way to approach people on their own cultural ground, which is invaluable to any traveling photographer.


What To Expect 

- You will be  interacting with locals, and guided through the whole process.

- We will also have the chance to photograph spontaneous and also formal portraits with proper preparation in photo sessions.

- We’ll have time to work on capturing the atmosphere, because let’s face it, it’s all about atmosphere. Even the most perfectly crafted shot means nothing if it doesn’t evoke feeling, transmit the ambiance, or carry the magic of the moment.

- We will enjoy the city, and see the main sights, of course, but this isn’t  just a tour with camera included: we’ll be there to photograph first,  sightsee second

- Every day will have its own special itinerary to make sure that we comply with the meaningful interaction as well as taking the best advantage of the plethora of photographic opportunities and adventures that await. 



This is a 100% legal People to People  tour for US citizens. Certain categories of travel to Cuba are permitted, such as educational and people-to-people trips to the island. All itineraries provide a full time schedule of educational activities that will result in meaningful interactions between you and individuals in Cuba. U.S. law requires that all persons who participate in this program adhere to this full time schedule, and imposes on the Travel Agent  the obligation to keep the records of such adherence. All travel arrangements and travel services are provided by a US   licensed travel agent . Your payments are made to the US licensed travel agent under the guidelines outlined by the United States Department of Treasury, Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC).

My recent trip to Cuba was with Harry Fisch a Spanish photographer. I picked his tour on a whim even though I don't do people or street photography. My only reason was to go to Cuba. Not knowing much about him or his photography was a blessing in disguise as there would be no disappointment without much expectation.It was a wonderful trip seeing Cuba through his eyes who has been there many times. My initiation into street photography began under Harry's expert guidance. I have had the privilege of being on many photo tours with some exceptionally talented photographers. Harry also belongs there in this genre of photography. His patience,interest and knowledge helped me develop respect and fascination for this genre. I would recommend his tour highly if one wants to go to Cuba and do people photography.

Amy Hill and Chris Riess (www.riesshill.com Santa Monica, California)



Several photo sessions, personal  and photographic encounters have carefully been planed and  created: from a Vodoo session (santeria) to a private photo session with professional ballet dancers while training,  shoe makers working at their place while you shoot inide and a few surprises along the way.

Personal interchange and active private photo sessions, spontaneous and also formal portraits with proper on the streets and free, daily personal photographic contact with the denizens of a vibrant country that offers continuous photographic opportunities. Compelling photographic and educational visits to dance and artist's studios, local produce markets, dancers. shoemakers, agricultural and livestock farms, and music venues, to name a few of our well-planned locations will alternate between cultural exchanges. Getting around the music filled streets in classic cars, browsing the Art deco buildings of the harbor area, and capturing the city waking up each morning.

We will do our best to have a maximum of two photographers working together with their subjects.



Hola, bienvenido a Cuba! We will arrive in the morning.

After clearing immigration and customs we will meet our guide and driver. Meeting with  Harry Fisch who will give a briefing of  the program and opportunities for the trip. The day will be dedicated to a general  photographic exploration of the different areas of the  city. 



After breakfast at the hotel we will meet self employed taxi drivers who run their businesses in old cars such as Chevy, Chrysler, Oldsmobile, all of them built in U.S. before the 1959 Cuban Revolution.They will explain us the dual currency system in Cuba as well as the opportunities they have with the changes to the self-employment regulations by the Cuban government.

Photographic session with the drivers and the cars at different strategic locations of Havana (Facing Capitolio, Next to locomotive repair station, from the car wondering around the Malecon). Street photography in a very special location with the cars. Street photography in a very unique and authentic area.

Back to the center of the city to continue with our photography at strategic places. We will visit a private home.

Photo walk Cuba’s famed seawall, the Malecón, to capture a beautiful sunset while we create photo opportunities with locals in a very Cuban atmosphere

We will meet a "Santería" (Cuban-African Religion linked to Voodoo)  expert who will provide an overview of Santeria and other Cuban religions with African routes. We will visit the home of a Babalao, (Yoruba Priestess) who will receive the group and explain the religious deities and elaborate alters in her home. We will witness the entire ceremony photographically.  Late afternoon we will be assiting to a real "Santería" ceremony in a private home.

Dinner at a very interesting restaurant



Walk through Old Havana in a guided tour for appreciation of the colonial buildings and techniques to take the best pictures in this UNESCO World Heritage Site. Central Park, Obispo Street, Cathedral Square, the Old and Saint Francis Abbey and a book market are among the spots we will visit. After a short walk through cobblestone streets in Old Havana.

Documenting photographically boxers while traininig in a very authentic the boxing gym while we discuss with them about the differences between sports in Cuba and the rest of the world. 

Visit and photograph a group of shoemakers in Old Havana. Good friends of Harry Fisch’s, the activity allows for an interesting photographic session as well as an opportunity to have a candid discussion where we can exchange ideas and thoughts. This kind of activity has been only recently authorized by the Cuban government. It gives us the opportunity to see an real life example of Cuba’s budding private sector under Raul Castro.

Afternoon photo shoot with professional models and/or ballet dancers at a special location, We will have a unique scenario for a great photography.



Check out at 9AM. Depart to the Viñales valley . Vinales landscape is interspersed with dramatic rocky outcrops. Check in at casas particulares (private homes).

Lunch at "Balcon del Valle" (Valley Balcony).

After a brief rest with our guest at homes we will conduct a photographic session with farmers as well as their families at different scenarios at a tobacco plantation. They will explain us how they preserve their rich tradition in agriculture to grow and prepare the leaves for the famous Cuban cigars.

This night we will have the dinner at home family style.


This morning we will visit the prehistoric mural painting of the Valley. Visit the archeological museum and visit a farmer home to get to know the life in the countryside of Cuba. Some donations will be given to them.

We will conduct a series of photo sessions with the families at interesting surroundings.

Photo review and conducted street photography and technicalities in Viñales

After lunch we will go inside the countryside visiting small towns around Viñales.




We have a long bus journey to Trinidad, one of the 7 first villages of Cuba. It was founded by Diego Velazquez in 1514. Together with the nearby Valle de los Ingenios (Sugar Mill Valley), it has been one of UNESCO´s World Heritage sites since 1988. For this tour we have handpicked several "casas particulares" -private homes in the center of the Village- where we will be lodged. Dinner will be served at paladar-museum "1514" accompanied by local musicians and dancers.Early morning photo shoot to catch the beautiful sunrise of Trinidad, walk around the colonial houses and capture the local atmosphere, return to the hotel for breakfast.

After breakfast we will meet the Historian of the Village who will offer a lecture about the Colonial Heritage in the region. We will be able to chat with other artists who will explain their motivation to create art in this ancient village of Cuba. We will visit the gallery of Danilo Moreno and Yudith Vidal to discover the sculptures and the ingenuity of their creations with disposable materials.

In the afternoon we will reach a couple of very interesting spots in the city with incredible views over the mountains. We will visit "El Valle de los Ingenios" -Sugar Mills Valley. They represent the importance of sugar to the Cuban economy over the centuries.

Return home for a brief rest and to have one of the best sunset from the balcony of one of our homes.

We should find a place for photo sunset with colonial atmosphere.

At night we will get together in one of our homes for a pizza time (or visit "La Botija" restaurant). After dinner we can burn calories dancing at "Casa de la Musica" in the center of the Village.


This last morning we will head back to Cienfuegos were we will have our photographic session with professinal dancers at a very special location.

Lunch at a local paladar in Cienfuegos and departure to the airport for our flight back to USA..

Prices per person
7 Participants 3995 US$

Single Room Supplement Main Trip 600 US$


Prices are per person, based on double occupancy . A limited quantity of single-occupancy rooms are available for an additional charge.


The maximum number of participants are listed under "Maximum Group" in the Price section of each individual workshop. However, we reserve the right to add by up to one, the maximum number of participants per workshop at any time.





-Harry Fisch Bilingual Photographer and Tuition

-Cuban bilingual experienced guide

-All meals  in Trinidad , breakfasts only in Havana, Cienfuegos

-8 days total 7 nights

-Private, set Photo Sessions

-Accommodations in Casas Particulares (Private Homes). (Clean, Nice Rooms, Private bathroom, Air Conditioned, Hot Water)

-All local ground transportation

-Speaker fees

-Admission to all vistis and public buildings listed in itinerary

-Coordination of all listed activities

-Pre-trip departure information

-Health Insurance while in Cuba

-Compliance with U.S. Treasury Department regulations

-Full schedule of guided people-to-people activities





-Flight from USA to Cuba and back

-Airline baggage fees

-Tips for local guides and drivers

-Meals other than listed on itinerary

-Individual house/hotel expenses (minibar, room service, laundry fees, etc.)

-Cuban Visa Fee 85 US$

Prices are per person, based on double occupancy.  A limited quantity of single-occupancy rooms are available for an additional charge.





A deposit of $700 per person is required to guarantee your reservation, which will be applied towards the cost of your tour. Deposits are generally non-refundable, except in rare cases when we cannot confirm all components of a booking at the purchase price.





Any pending balance must be paid in full at least 90 days prior to departure.





All itineraries provide a full time schedule of educational activities that will result in meaningful interactions between you and individuals in Cuba. U.S. law requires that all persons who participate in this program adhere to this full time schedule, and imposes on The Travel Agent  the obligation to ensure such adherence.


The information provided herein is a brief summary, but not a comprehensive description of payment policy  by our  partner  People to People Licensed Travel Agency.


It is very important that all travelers understand the cancellation policy. If it is not clear, please contact us for clarification and a complete description.




We strongly recommend buying a "Cancel for any reason" Trip Cancellation Insurance that can protect you against unforeseen circumstances that might prevent your attendance and trip cancellation should you unexpectedly need to cancel.

It is required to purchase a medical and repatriation travel insurance package to protect oneself in case of an unexpected medical emergency.


Please read carefully all the terms and conditions  of the trip (Terms and Conditions) . 

On all our trips all travel arrangements and travel services are provided by a licensed Agent .  All Payments you make are sent directly to the same  licensed travel agent.  On the Cuba People to People Photo Tour, all travel arrangements and services for the Cuba People to People trip are provided by a US licensed Agent under the guidelines outlined by the United States Department of Treasury, Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC).