A photo tour with Nomad in Cuba, Ethiopia, Peru, China, India, Namibia, Bhutan, Mongolia or elsewhere should be an unforgettable photographic experience. This photo tour should be the trip of a lifetime, if not one of the most important. I personally analyze and design each itinerary to see what the photo opportunities offer: the stops of course, but above all what is in each stop, really in: the people, the day to day places, the events, and how can we interact to reach the best emotional atmosphere.

On a Nomad photo workshop the camera is the great excuse to get to know the best countries and cultures, capture and depict emotions, put on our hat of a travel photographer documenting diverse cultures and experience personal connections.

Merely visiting a place doesn’t guarantee you’ll see or experience it authentically. You can go on a photo tour to Ethiopia, Cuba, Mongolia, India , anywhere, but it’s years of travel experience and photographic experience that make the difference when you’re trying to connect with locals, find where they go, and get away from the structures built for tourists and visitors. That’s where Nomad comes in; the experience we provide you will be real and in touch with the land and its people.

The important thing is to live the dream which has brought us to our destination. It is not a sum of visits and locales, one shouldn’t treat it like collecting cliches and postcards.

About 50 % of our trips are organized as Photo Tours, and about 50 % as workshops. In both, aside from photography, we resolve technical questions and meet and greet the local people, which in turn helps each participant hone their photographic vision.

As travelers we are exposed to icons and cliches expressing popular and common thoughts on how a Chinese should look like or how should an Ethiopian tribe be. There is an irony in what is shown to the viewer, a joke where the importance given to the iconic appearance is a camouflage of the underlying reality.