A photographic trip to Benin

Photography in Benin is a dream. And we know about photography and dreams. This Benin Photo tour involves a deep photographic exploration of the African culture and the Voodoo Festival and these traditions have become a great popular party over the years, far from anything malignant or dark.

It's about spontaneous photography and enjoying and sharing daily life. But we have planed as well very unique photographic sessions, from a private Voodoo session to a private audience with a local king.

The festival is, of course, one of the most successful, enthusiastic, colorful, and popular in the world. On this very special day, thousands of devotees go to Ouidah where the chief Voodun of the region lives. The faithful come not only from Benin, they join from other African countries, including Togo and Ghana. This is a very special day for these faithful, and for many citizens engaged in fishing, agriculture, etc., enjoy the chance to spend the day side by side is special, similar to nobles, spiritual leaders, and other honored society members.

But the festival is only a justification for the trip. This photo tour goes well beyond what you have ever imagined. We will be in all relevant places and our photography endeavors will cover the temple of snakes, the slave pathway, the holly forest. This is the day before the festival, and various photographic opportunities will be available. Small groups, participants dancing on the streets, babies bound to their backs, or men making small offerings, mothers with objects that are held precariously on their heads, and men pounding drums as the parade continues.

Most of the time the word Voodoo is mentioned, images of mysteries and secrets are recalled. The festival's truth is something totally new and different from many. Very little can be identified in the Voodoo as dark or evil in this belief system. They believe in the strength of nature or ancestors intervening in practitioners' everyday lives.