Mexico Photo Tours

As with any Nomad Photo Expedition trip , our Mexico photo tours will give you much more than the tourist highlights. This tour does not stay in the cities and avoids tourist spots almost entirely by going deep into the rural areas to spy out the roads less taken, small villages, and old and almost forgotten ruins. Our photography tour seek the places where tradition still reigns supreme so that we can interact with real people and experience the ancient magic of Mexico.

Enjoy our Guided photography tour in Mexico

We welcome you to explore this jungle laden country with its clash of ancient Zapotec culture with the blending of 16th century European fare. There are so many threads that come together to weave the tapestry of Mexico. Guided by a local, we’ll drive agave liquor with the natives, join in and photograph parades and celebrations from the inside, and tell the story of how ancient native ruins can coexist next to colonial churches with our photographic narrative. Mexico travel photography

Day of the dead photo tour

The most famous and deeply rooted tradition in Mexican culture is most certainly the Día de los Muertos, or the festival surrounding the Day of the Dead. It goes on for days leading up to the event itself, and Nomad has an outstanding Mexico photo tour that centers around this festival. It begins in the ruins of Monte Alban and takes you through the procession of color and candle light that ends in the cemetery of Oaxaca.

Mexico Travel Photography

This festival is unique in that it remains almost unchanged over the century. The country is so heavily immersed in its traditions that little has altered this solemn yet joyful reconnection with the past. In the last week of October the country opens like a flower after a rain, unfurling a rich cornucopia of photographic opportunities. From the figures of skeletons hanging on every door and streetlamp to the fall colored flowers in sprays on every corner, this festival, and so our tour, will be constant parade of dancers, masks, skirts flaring, and music filling every corner as we eat, drink, and photograph our way through one of the Americas’ oldest rituals.

Yes, it is a celebration, but there’s also a gravity to it, it’s an old story, one of ghosts, of the bonds of family, and our connection to the world beyond. Nomad has set up several private photo sessions with mescal liquor makers, locals in their homes, and artisans who are preparing for the festivities so that we can tell the story of this old and beautiful tradition.

Why a photography trip in Mexico with Harry Fisch?

When it comes to Mexico travel photography, you won’t get a better tour than with Harry Fisch. Harry is a renown travel photograph and tour leader who has been in country more times than he can count. With carefully cultivated contacts and hand crafted tour opportunities, you won’t get a photographic experience like this one with anyone else, nor the know how and the hands on attention a tour with Harry provides.