Nov. 27 - Dec. 07 , 2022



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TheThailand Laos Cambodia Photo Tour

An off the beaten track photo tour across Thailand and Vietnam, finishing at the temples of Angkor. The life along the Mekong river. From the floating markets of Damnoen Saduak to the fervor of photographing a boxing match in a Thai gym, this trip includes every angle a photographer could possibly want.

You will have the chance to photo document life on the Mekong River as you float down it on a houseboat, or the daily adventures that happen on the railway tracks from Hanoi to Long Bien Bridge. There will also private photo sessions with models in traditional dress racing vespas through the colorful streets, chances to work with motion and also low light as you explore the caves of Pak Ou to discover the secrets within.

Photograph climbers freefalling off karst rock cliffs into deep water pools, and of course, the mystery and magic of the Ang Kor temples where we will run private photo sessions with monks. This is a chance to bear witness to history, the way in which it has grown into the vibrant modern life thriving in South East Asia today.

In the afternoon, depending on the timetable, we will have a photo shooting at a nearby gym with experienced Thai boxers. We will start the photographic day after spending a little time talking and getting to know the subjects. As well as movement-based shots of the boxers in action, we will have time for posing and portraiture.

Another day will set out early in the morning for a half-day floating market visit to Damnoen Saduak in a Long Tail Boat. We will have plenty of time on this trip to photograph the people in and around the river before arriving at the one-of-a-kind floating market. We're going to enjoy all kind of spontaneous photography with a vaiety of boats, colors and people.