May. 25 - Apr. 04 , 2022



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A special Turkey Photo Tour

An impressive opportunity is our unmatched Turkey Photo Tour in Istanbul along with all the unmissable photographic secret locations. A cruise on our private Bosphorus boat that separates Turkey's European and Asian sides. With private, only for our eyes, photo sessions of whirling dervishes and belly dancers. From the magnificent Hagia Sophia and Blue Mosque to the towering minarets in both Istanbul and other cities of Turkey, all along with the discovery of the greatest monuments.

Mosques that reflect the past and tradition of the Ottoman Empire as architectural masterworks. Our Turkey Photographic Tour is an extraordinary destination for a photographer.

 Turkey is an outstanding destination for a photographer because of the beautiful contradictions, the ideal union between natural phenomena and man-made wonders, in addition to Eastern heritage and Western civilization. The photography of the traditional Ottoman houses (UNESCO World Heritage Site) to the landscapes in Cappadoccia, enjoy the picturesque panoramic views and, experience a shift in the landscape with the wineries and fruit orchards that the village of Sirince has to offer.


A cruise on our private Bosphorus boat that separates Turkey's European and Asian sides. With private, only for our eyes, photo sessions of whirling dervishes and belly dancers.



Real-life and Street Photography.

We are proud of having built a second sense in personal street relations. This is a very useful weapon for street photography and much more in Turkey or Istanbul. Meeting the locals is one of the exciting parts of traveling, and the Turks are probably the best in the world to host. As you stroll down the streets, warm smiles will welcome you, followed by children who are so interested in talking to you with their little English. The Grand Bazaar is a dynamic market where, as you bask in the sights, sounds, smells and tastes, prepare yourself for sensory overload.



It's all about people photography, portraits and documentary photography. And this is not only about photography: we care about the local culture, food, atmosphere and most of all, the people.


A photographic journey full of opportunities.

It's all about people, portraits and, documentary photography. Although landscapes also. Cappadocia is possibly one of the most popular hot air balloon riding spots in the world, and the hot air balloon is recognized as the signature of the Turkish travel experience. As you drift over gorgeous valleys and rock formations, indulge in the captivating sight of the sunrise and odd landscapes below. Or instead, in all their vibrant magnificence, you can always make your way up a hill to watch the balloons take off and fly into the sky.


More than Photography on our Turkey Photo Tours.-

There are many organized trips claiming to be photo tours. Many of them are merely-and no less- than a photographic holiday. But there is a difference, each stage of Nomad Photo Expeditions adventure in Turkey has been designed taking advantage of the personal “on-site” experience and pinpointing new opportunities, special spots. And this is not only about photography: we care about the local culture, food, atmosphere and most of all, the people.

It is not a sum of photographs, clichés or postcards. We carefully put on our side all the odds in order to secure a better and unique photographic experience.


Is it the right place for a photography trip?

Turkey is one of the most photogenic countries in the world. Being there seeking for the magical photographic moment is about planning but also organizing in advance how to be at the right moment when and where things can happen. 

The visitor discovering Istanbul for the first time will be surprised by the assumed presence of women in public space, dressed in Western style, drinking a beer on a terrace.  Turkish women gained the right to vote in 1934, ten years before French women Single women can travel freely in Istanbul and Turkey.

The Turks' hospitality and art of living make us forget about the country's tense political climate. Istanbul is safer than London, and safer than the majority of European capitals. In the city, crime is almost non-existent, and one never feels unsafe.

The conflict with the Kurds has resurfaced following the withdrawal of American troops from Syria but the main conflictive areas are net to the border with Syria.

With 16 million inhabitants, half of whom are under the age of 20, Istanbul it is a cosmopolitan city where all communities mix, from hipsters to ultra-religious. Mosques, palaces, churches, and synagogues: we are aware of the former Byzantine capital's rich heritage, but it is also one of the strongholds of contemporary creation, with a thriving art scene.

You would think that because you are in Istanbul things are going to happen magically. Witnessing a special opportunity is not just a matter of knowing how to reach a place. Most times the challenge is how to gain access to a promising photographic opportunity, how to open the door: be it a local bar, a fishermen’s place or, a secluded mosque.

And when we talk travel photography, we need contacts, time, experience, and a sixth sense that develops only after much time invested in similar places and different parts of the world.


Private photographic sessions with camel herders, photography sessions with wild horses.



How will I find the best photographic spot?

Travel Photographers are not happy having to disclose their secret places. Everyone likes to have his own very special image, his own undisclosed spot. And there are many hidden gems in a country like Turkey, and even more in Istanbul.

A surprising country when visited with the perspective of a photo tour. You need good information in order to avoid the touristy images. A challenge if you bear in mind that countless locations have, at this moment of time, turned into cultural icons and very conventional images.

The so said “photographic guidebooks” are mainly non-existing and when a guide claims to be “photographic” you usually find get a description of a number of spots that are mostly oriented to tourists with a camera and, finally, you find yourself lost in a photographic holiday, far away from the idea of a photo tour. And, as we know, there is a big difference between a tourist with a camera or a passionate photographer on a photographic tour to Turkey.


Where do we stay in our Turkey Photo Adventure?

When in Istanbul we remain in the old part of the city. This allows for an easy, and speedy access to the most interesting monuments. Location is key, and the logistics in a photo tour can save you an enormous amount of time. We choose comfortable hotels wherever they are available but, and, our biggest consideration is a convenient accommodation near the place where action is. Photographic action, of course…

We certainly care about the cultural environment and, whenever we can, we try to be in authentic places. On this trip to Turkey we will also spend the night in a small village in the only - and comfortable - local hotel.

Travel photography is very much dependent on where you sleep, what time you leave for a photographic destination in order to be there with better light. At the right moment. Furthermore, it is worth getting acquainted with the neighborhood and the characters in the area.