My third adventure with Harry

My third adventure with Harry Fisch of Nomad Photo Expeditions to Turkey proved to be every bit as exciting, adventuresome, educational and skill enriching as my Cuba and Spain trips were with him.
Harry puts you in the middle of the action and scenes and with his expert guidance, encourages your photographic passions and vision, stretching your skills and abilities to levels you perhaps you didn’t know you had.
Turkey is a land of enchantment, incredible beauty, culture and amazingly talented and friendly people.
The trip accommodations are first class, and the agenda varied and challenging, team memebers outstanding, and just what we as photographers need to grow and keep from getting stale.
If you are ready to up you talent photo skills to the next level, and have friends and colleagues say “Wow, Wow Wow” I would book with Harry and Nomad in a heartbeat.

Kim Huffman

Traveling during Covid can be a hassle, unless you are traveling with Nomad

Traveling during Covid can be a hassle, unless you are traveling with Nomad.  Harry kept us up to date with the latest regulations before the trip and made sure we were able to get Covid tested before our trip home.  In fact, he arranged for a PA to come to the hotel and administer a quick PCR test and we were provided documentation that satisfied the Turkish and US government requirements.  During the trip, we always followed CDC and local requirements regarding masks and distancing where appropriate.

The trip itself was fantastic!  Harry always has the best local contacts to facilitate our group getting in somewhere before the tourist crowds and we visited places the “regular” tourist seldom visits.   Accommodations and food were great.  This was our 7th trip with Harry since 2016 and we already have the 8th planned for next year.  We can hardly wait!

Mike & Pat Poulter

I signed up for another trip with Harry

The “experts” have raised the fear of Covid to such an extent that few people dare to “venture” outside the borders of their country/continent. And yet multiple borders have opened up.

I had the pleasure to travel with Harry, a renowned photographer who runs very well organized photo tours and who is always attentive to his clients who have turned into friends with a great kindness.

The subjects went from portraits to landscapes, street photos and the cherry on the cake, whirling dervishes in private and wild horses in the gallop.

I signed up for another trip with Harry

Oh, I forgot… Our Covid tests were negative before coming back home.


Thank you Harry for a wonderful trip

The trip to Istanbul was my first trip outside of the USA in over a year. I was a little intrepid at first, but knew I had all my Covid shots. You are very cautious and protective of your photography group and this trip was no exception. The ultimate test of our safety was the Covid test we had to take before leaving Turkey. WE ALL PASSED! Thank you Harry for a wonderful trip. I can’t wait for the South Asia trip to be confirmed!

Ron McGinty

I was fortunate to travel with Nomad

I was fortunate to travel with Nomad Photo Expeditions (Harry Fisch) on an exploration of Turkey, where we had some unique photo opportunities, including whirling dervishes, wild horses, and capturing the essence of worship within the mosques. Physical arrangements – transportation, lodging, and meals were well executed. He offers photo trips to off-the-beaten path destinations that look intriguing.

Donnie Sexton

It was an amazing, intense and beautiful journey

I traveled with Harry on his photo tour to India in March 2020. Harry is a very charismatic, knowledgeable and experienced photographer and guide. He has the ability to improvise and adapt. Our trip to India was very well prepared and we were accompanied by friendly, well connected and informed local guides that assisted us all along our journey. We moved at an appropriately accelerated pace, stayed in very comfortable accommodations, and ate incredibly well. I also appreciated the comfortable air conditioned van and the kind and service-oriented drivers. Harry offered advice when necessary and took a personal interest in my photographic work which I very much appreciated. We also simply had fun! India is incredibly colorful, deeply spiritual, and pulsing with the heartbeat of life. It was an amazing, intense and beautiful journey and I was thrilled to be able to capture this through my photographs. I highly recommend taking a photo tour with the indomitable Harry Fisch!

Iris Brito Steven

His experience allows for seamless logistics

Choose your trip. Then, pack your bag. Grab your gear. Harry will put together an unrivaled, jam-packed photography experience for you. Street photography. Portrait pics with paid models. Event photography. Landscape photography. What to shoot when there isn’t anything to shoot! He is with you from sun-up to way past dinner. He is always willing to help, critique your shots, and demonstrate what his methodologies are. His experience allows for seamless logistics as he has “friends, handlers, and back-up support” everywhere that can handle any event, schedule changes, or unforeseen events anywhere he travels. My wife and I did Cuba and most recently Spain. We will be back! Do it. Do it today. You won’t regret a minute of it.

Jon Feist

The Ethiopia trip with Harry was a fantastic experience

I recently did the Ethiopia trip with Harry and it was a fantastic experience. Challenging at times (altitude in the north with some climbing, miles of dirt roads and basic conditions in the south), Harry always provided the best available accommodations and restaurants and is quite knowledgeable about local conditions, situations and opportunities. I always felt safe and well taken care of and there was plenty of adventure as well. The local guides were all A+. Harry is a real character and made the trip fun and lively, always with an undercurrent of kindness. He will give you as much or as little photographic instruction and critique as you want. Highly recommended.

Debra Wells

Very well organized!

Very well organized! I highly enjoyed the Benin trip, the Voodoo festival and the many photographic opportunities available.  This is a great opportunity to see a side of West Africa not often seen by tourists. Thank you, Harry!

Deannie Janowitz

Every photographer should join Harry

Every photographer should join Harry on this trip to add to his or her photographic skill set.  Heat and extreme humidity creates a photographic challenge to stay cool, calm, and collected from sunrise and, in some instances, after sunset, when photographing the people of Western Africa. This challenge creates a series of singular photographic opportunities in a working environment that most photographers never experience. And nothing is better than being with people that are absolutely excited like you photographing in that part of the world.

Stephen Malshuk
United States

I’ve now been on four photo expeditions with Harry

I first discovered Nomad Photo Expeditions and Harry Fisch when looking for a photo tour that would take me to the heart of India.


I initially considered National Geographic but, based on his website, I thought that Harry might offer a more personal and intimate experience. 

My hunch was right.  


I’ve now been on four photo expeditions with Harry over the past two years.  I’ve enjoyed each of these expeditions immensely. Our groups have always been small and collegial.  Accommodations have been excellent and close to the action. Meals have been most enjoyable – at good restaurants, typically offering local fare. And, most importantly, itineraries have been well designed and executed – providing the group with great photographic opportunities and very enjoyable travel experiences.The outstanding quality of Nomad’s expeditions is a reflection of Harry’s integrity and commitment to excellence.  


Harry is warm, out-going and energetic – possessing a wonderful sense of humor. These qualities enable him to quickly bring a unconnected collection of strangers together to form a close-knit group of friends with the common goal of getting some great photos.


Of course, Harry is an excellent photographer. He leads by example; he is generous with advice, and he is direct with constructive criticism. Resourceful – able to adapt quickly and effectively to changing or unexpected circumstances.

Blake Reid

We had a most excellent photo tour

We had a most excellent photo tour in Mongolia. Everything ran smoothly and there was built in flexibility so that we could take advantage of unexpected opportunities. We were provided photo ops that we could never have gotten on or own or with a typical-sized tour group; we obtained some of our best-ever images on this trip. Harry is particularly good at identifying best angles for light and composition.

Bernard Roitberg

Harry, I’ll be back!

This was the first time I travelled with Harry and, for that matter, the first time I took a true photography trip.
I was probably a bit apprehensive about fitting in and being “up to par” with more expert photographers who had done this before.
My concerns were very quickly dissipated as I found a wonderful group of travel companions as well as a group of dedicated and always sharing photo enthusiasts.
Harry himself proved to be a great person to travel with. He is travel and world wise and has a wonderful sense of humor that puts you at ease very quickly.
Even though Harry had indicated the trip to Peru was not a photo workshop, the reality is that he is very generous with ideas, suggestions and photo pearls that were, for me, a joy to soak in.
He was able to push me well beyond my personal comfort level in how I took photos and how I interacted with perfect strangers that I was trying to photograph.
The results of this trip was that I had an amazing experience. I saw a beautiful country, met some incredible people there, had the joy of traveling with a great group and, came home with some truly amazing photographs.
I am grateful to Harry for this and to all the others in our group.
Harry, I’ll be back!

Victor G Sonnino
United States

My photography will never be the same again!

With Harry’s guidance, I discovered the power of my wide angle lens… Now that I’m back from the trip I continue to apply the new techniques I learned in India; my photography will never be the same again!

Nicolle Goldman

I feel that I’ve become a better photographer

This was my first trip with Harry experiencing India (Kumbh Mela, Varanasi, Amritsar) and Nepal in February, 2019. The trip was well organized, and Harry made almost daily changes to maximize our photographic experience. What impressed me most was Harry’s accessibility, not just to critique images, but to help us develop a thought process about how to add dramatic impact to a photo to better tell its story. He was accessible during the trip and afterward. I feel that I’ve become a better photographer due to Harry’s help, and look forward to traveling with him again.

Don Goldman

Harry never fails to deliver a unique experience

My wife and I just returned from yet another trip with Harry Fisch…Spain! Such a beautiful country and Harry never fails to deliver a unique experience. Harry is always thinking about photographic opportunities through personal and cultural interactions with locals (in this case Matadors, Flamenco Dancers, knowledgeable guides, etc.) who all bring the customs, traditions and rich history to life. Thank you Harry!

Larry and Beverly Roesel
United States

He ensured unique and private opportunities

Our second trip with Harry (Cuba last year) and once again he ensured unique and private opportunities to not only photograph models in great settings, but witness (very close up) flamenco and the art of bullfighting. BTW although my wife takes photos, I only film/video. Creating a short video of these trips are much more interesting than the typical travel adventure. “Bravo Harry!”

David Goudge

This was our fourth trip with Harry in 3 years

We just returned from the inaugural Portugal & Spain trip. This was no ordinary tour of “cathedrals and old buildings”. Harry filled our days with unique photo opportunities and great food! This was our fourth trip with Harry in 3 years and every trip has been unique, photographically challenging, and very memorable. Harry specializes in setting up photo shoots that are unique and seldom available to individuals. Bottom line: Great Trip! We can hardly wait for our next trip!

Mike & Patricia Poulter

It exceeded my expectations

Nomad Photo Expeditions’s tour of India and Nepal was fantastic, it exceeded my expectations. Harry Fisch has a deep knowledge and insight to the places we visited from a photographer’s point of view and was always willing and available to help us to improve our craft. 

Erico Silva
United States

Traveling anywhere with Harry

Traveling anywhere with Harry is a life fulfilling adventure. Immersing in photography amongst the splendor of people and landscape in Ethiopia is amazing. We met so many beautiful people in incredible locations, from the cities to the ancient churches and tribes in the valleys. The opportunities provided us were all genuinely designed to grow as a photographer and a person in the world.

Neil Goldenberg
United States of America

The organization of his tours is seamless

Why would I go on another tour with Harry? First of all he knows the area intimately – he has extensive knowledge of each place and each group of people that you visit, but more importantly, he has an innate ability to connect with the people, make them smile and genuinely feel confident with him. His relaxed approach enables you to feel you are playing a small part in these peoples’ lives – a great asset for the photographer. Harry is both enthusiastic and patient – dealing with questions and dedicating time to each individual member of the group – somehow managing to make everyone feel that they are the most interesting, the most amusing or the best photographer! The organization of his tours is seamless – but I have left the best till last – Harry has a great sense of humour – creating a positive dynamic in the group – making it fun to be part of – that is the icing on the cake!

Yvonne Kay Sandiford

The three weeks were fantastic

Three weeks with Harry and a small group in Benin and then Lalibela and Omo were amazing. At voodoo celebrations, markets, street parties, a bar, church services, Tikat, Omo tribes (6) and more, the photographic challenges came thick and fast – low light, recalcitrant subjects, delicate negotiations, chaotic scenes, matched with great colours, energy, fascinating subjects and the bizarre. The three weeks were fantastic – the company excellent and Harry’s gentle prodding to engage with the subject and challenge the orthodox made it a great learning experience as well. I recommend both trips wholeheartedly. 

Paul Greenfield

My trip with Harry was an experience beyond anything I could imagine

My trip with Harry was an experience beyond anything I could imagine. The locations and itinerary are extremely well thought out and organized to maximize your photographic opportunities. Harry’s advice and approaches to evaluating a scene and working your subject were invaluable. It took me outside of my comfort zone culturally and technically and as a result, I returned with some of the most dramatic and moody photographs in my collection.

Mike Benford
United States

Harry connected me with the people and the experience unlike anyone else

I joined Harry on two trips, the first across Ethiopia and another through Cuba. While I am well versed in traveling the world with my camera, Harry connected me with the people and the experience unlike anyone else in the past, helping me clean my photographic language, becoming more coherent. Taking a trip with Harry will not explore the explored and travel through postcards, but force you to breath the air of the place you occupy, understanding the story you wish to tell. Photography is experienced through immersion, Its a unique experience dancing with the villagers, communicating with those who cannot understand you and walk to the market with the tribes of Ethiopia. I highly recommend experiencing new places and telling a story with your camera with Harry. I became a better photographer.

Gil Shulman

One of the best tours that I have ever taken

You will never really know how good of a photographer you can be until you really push yourself and experiment with new visions and new encounters however uncomfortable that may initially be to you. I made the journey to Cuba with Nomad Photo Expeditions with Harry Fisch as our photographic guru, and have been changed in perceptions, vision and understanding of my camera and subjects every since, to the good.
Let me explain. It is to easy to put a camera between you and your subjects. Harry realized right off that was what I was doing, and advised me to befriend, cajole and empathize with the subject, not poke a camera between us immediately. …and to take the shot on the count of 2, not 3!..genius!

Also, Harry had picked out the most compelling and interesting venues for our shoots, whether a worn down but elegant building with Cuban ballerinas or an outdoor boxing ring, the opportunities for magnificent photographs was everywhere, and Harry was there to lend expert technique, perspective and examples….I grew from being a picture taker, to a photographer under his guidance, and use his knowledge and advise everywhere I go, and have a better portfolio because of our encounter.
Accommodations, transportation and importantly meals were first class and varied as to where we were on the island, from restaurants to guest homes, we were treated as welcome visitors, which gave us the chance to meet and bond with the Cuban people, and importantly with our fellow travelers, from which you will learn a lot from and laugh along with.
My only complaint, was having to leave….would I travel with Harry and Nomad again?…absolutely! One of the best travel tours that I have ever taken.

Darrell Huffman

Harry provides one of the best options available.

Harry is a consummate world-traveler, full of life, moxie and vigor. His organizational skills are matched quite well with his knowledge of photography. Subject matter and making your adventure comfortable are but two important considerations, fully considered by Harry. He really wants you to get the best possible shot. I had experience learning how to focus, with limited “go time” in a foreign location – Harry made it work perfectly – my photography benefited in ways I food by predict. So, I was mesmerized by our photo-shooting experience in Cuba. And, though my boyfriend has mobility issues, Harry made the trip accessible and intimately familiar even when travel was a bit tight on my boyfriend’s body. While I shot mostly SLR (Nikon D819), my boyfriend is an active range-finder lover, specifically the Leica M9 & Leica M, and some Leica & LUMIX point & shoots (including a LUMIX 3D camera). Been that way since we met 35 years ago in 7th grade when he shot Nikon FE & Nikon EM SLRs. Besides the photos, lifetime relationships found a way to our hearts, still getting plenty of e-mails from folks in Cuba. We really connected with Harry and the varied subject matter that we diligently photographed at his direction. If you seek an authentic photography tour, without exception, Harry provides one of the best options available. My boyfriend’s images are featured at the Leica Miami Store this month (August 2015) & got an Emmy nomination invitation for inventing “digital watermarks” – as we returned from Cuba! How cool is that? Harry can make your photo adventure truly adventurous!

Scott & Patty

This was my second trip with Harry

This was my second trip with Harry and it did not disappoint. We were immersed in the Moroccan culture almost immediately after checking into our hotel. The itinerary included everything from colorful markets, centuries old fortresses, planned photo shoots and an unplanned visit with a Nomadic family.

One of the high points of the trip for me was our visit to the desert. Waking up before sunrise and traveling by camel to the dunes was a magnificent spiritual and photographic experience.

The accommodations were all five star and all were were centrally located.

Food is plentiful and many of the restaurants are truly authentic without another tourist in sight!
Harry takes into account the different levels of experience of each group member, offering guidance appropriate for each. He pushes you to go beyond your comfort zone, which for me resulted in some great photos.

If you’re looking for a photography trip where you can explore different cultures with a vibrant and extremely knowledgeable photographer, then book a trip with Nomad Photo Expeditions. You’ll be happy you did.

Carolyn Wells

We had an amazing photo trip to Morocco

We had an amazing photo trip with Harry Fisch and Nomad Photography in Morocco. It was even more colorful and interesting than expected! This was our second trip with Nomad, the first being Cuba, and we can’t wait to go again.

Jeff and Cathy Peel

The trip to Ethiopia was a dream

The trip to Ethiopia was a dream come true. It felt as though I had been dropped right into the pages of National Geographic Magazine, which I read as a child, and which instilled a thirst for travel to Africa.

Harry ‘s organization and guidance leave nothing to chance. He uses wonderful people on the ground to drive, guide, and make each experience seamless. The festivals and amazing opportunities, remote and wonderful locations are trademarks of his trips.

Harry is a genuine character, with a wonderful sense of humour, an eye for the magic in photographic situations, and a natural teacher’s ability to explain how to make use of light,
line and composition in our shots.

This trip was my third with Harry, and a true testament to his ability and to the opportunities he exposes us to is that I am planning trips number four and five only 10 days after my return from Ethiopia.

Thank you Harry for an unforgettable experience.

Lynda Greenberg

This was my first trip with Harry

This was my first trip with Harry. I went because I wanted to expand my photographic interest beyond wildlife and photographing people in China seemed ideal, I was not disappointed it was a great trip with plenty of photographic opportunities and challenges. Without Harry’s guidance I would not gave had so many successful images. The formal shoots were often staged in very challenging low light conditions, but, with excellent guidance from Harry good portraits were obtained. I don’t think I will ever say there is not enough light again. I will certainly be travelling with you again Harry. Photography aside the company was great.

Dvae Mckay

Each photo captures a story that Harry wants to challenge you to see.

I’m sure, dear reader, that this is not the first review you’ve read hoping to get some authentic sense of an experience. This one was special for me and, hopefully, my words will convey my experience to you.My wife and I wanted to go to Mongolia; I to enhance my photographic skills and both for adventure. The spare camera she was given was almost left at home with, ‘ you take the photos, I have my Iphone’. Glad I insisted.

Photography has been an interest in of mine since childhood. I’ve never had an interest in selling my photos and only once entered any contest. Photography was for me and occasionally friends and family. Several of my pieces hang on their walls. With this background I went on a hunt for a photographer-guide to Mongolia. Why Harry?

First, there was a quality to his work I liked. I saw depth in his subjects and a message that caught my attention; really look at what I’m showing you. But it would take two weeks together to get me to begin to understand what I was actually seeing. Which was the story behind his photos.

Harry is a very smart guy with depth to his life experiences. He brings this keen insight to how he sees the world and how that world gets portrayed through his lens. Each photo captures a story that Harry wants to challenge you to see. Perhaps the best result of our trip was kindling my wife’s interest in photography. She’s clearly excited about expanding her skills as well.

Of course Mongolia was wonderful. A vast expanse of native peoples with a unique culture, openness to strangers and a willingness to share who they are. But it was Harry who brought it all together for us. Through his eyes, we had a unique peek into the world these wonderful people live in.

Murray H Rosenthal

I travel 3 months of the year doing photographic workshops and I would rate Harry as one of the best.

I have joined Harry on two photographic workshops to Cuba and China. I have found his style of photography thought provoking. I am now booked in for Harry’s Morocco and Spain tours. Harry’s workshop is not just about capturing the classic shots, but to stop time and let your photo tell a story. He made me work with natural light under some difficult conditions. Harry is full of energy and encouragement. I travel 3 months of the year doing photographic workshops and I would rate Harry as one of the best.

Louise Wolbers

The itinerary was well planned and covered everything promised.

Just a short note to let you know that my wife and I greatly enjoyed your photo tour to China for the ethnic tribes and Guilin.
The itinerary was well planned and covered everything promised. I will recommend your tour to all my photo friends who have an interest in this part of China.
Harry, you are a wonderful host, guide, instructor, and now, friend.


Thanks to the fantastic organisation of Nomad Photo Expeditions,

An Experience to remember!

I am a seasoned traveller, trotting around the globe camera in hand for the past 10 years. Lifelong Explorer with National Geographic Expeditions with trips to Vietnam, Myanmar, Ethiopia, India, Japan and Oman, I was keen trying a reduced group trip, limited to no more than 8 participants, and signed up to Nomad Photo Expeditions’ trip to discover the Ethnic Tribes of Southern China, led by the amazing Tino Soriano. Leaving the hustle and bustle of Beijing, we quickly found ourselves the only western tourists discovering incredible Miao villages, their people and customs, an epic sunset over the breathtaking rice terraces of Longsheng, only to finish “a lo grande” with the unique and honorable comoran fishermen of Guilin.

All of these great experiences were only possible thanks to the fantastic organisation of Nomad Photo Expeditions, with whom I will undoubtedly travel again!

Alex Stoen
United Kingdom

Certainly recommend the trip

Enjoyed a wonderful Omo Valley and Timket Festival this January with Nomad Photo Expedition! We had wonderful guides, drivers and vehicles. Loved the diversity of the tribal groups we visited and photographed. Many wonderful opportunities were provided by Harry for our group. My photo expeditions were more than satisfied!! Certainly recommend the trip and hope to travel with Harry in future.

Julie Fulmer

Quantity and quality of photographic shoots

The highlight of my trip to Cuba was the quantity and quality of photographic shoots that had been set up prior to our arrival. Harry’s knowledge of the country, experiences to be encountered and organisation of photographic opportunities enriched the tour and added to the enjoyment of each participant.

Bronwyn Morrison

I only select the best phot tours and I do like Harry’s photo styles quite a bit

Well…I suppose I am one of the occasional ‘pros’ Harry gets on his trips. I enjoy going to photo workshops as much as I enjoy assisting in them. I only select the best ones to go to and I do like Harry’s photo styles quite a bit.

Robin Yong

A flexible format that I like

Again I truly had a great time, plenty of photo opportunities and I have many that I am pleased with. I also learnt more and have plenty to practice. You run exceptional photography trips with a flexible format that I like. Expect to see me on others.

Gary Clode
New Zeland

The photo sessions went way beyond our expectations

My wife is an avid photographer and I love video. Its difficult to select a venue/workshop that would keep my interest and provide her an exceptional photography opportunity. We had previously booked a photo workshop in Cuba but withdrew after reading reviews of the leader and the experience. We found Harry’s however, and it sounded unique, intriguing, and was reasonably priced. So we took a chance. We were concerned the trip would be confined to tourist-like photo shoots and not allow interaction with the “real Cuba”. We were absolutely wrong-thankfully.Wow! We loved it! The relative small group (who became very close), Harry’s personality, and the incredibly unique photo sessions went way beyond our expectations. We would do this again in a heart beat. If you want more than just a typical travel/photography (and videography) experience, take a look at this one. Exceeded our expectations in virtually every way.

Dave Goudge
United States

Harry creates an experience through his love of the people and his craft

I recently joined Harry and a fantastic group through India. The trip was amazing! As a photographic enthusiast, I had hoped for unique opportunities to advance my skills, only to end up with so much more while capturing a culture through my camera and my mind. Harry creates an experience through his love of the people and his craft. There are plenty of photo opportunities, and lots of time to discuss and compare your results with Harry and the group for meaningful advancement.

But it’s Harry’s passion while he takes you into festivals, down into the neighbourhoods, special photo opportunities, sharing and talking with the local people, and so much more that will move you to bring meaning to your visit and the photos. Harry definitely knows his craft and will keep you entertained throughout.

Neil Goldenberg
United States

Both efficient and filled with photographic opportunities

In 2018, I traveled with Nomad Photo Expeditions to Cuba (Havana, Cienfuegos, & Trinidad) and had an epic adventure with fellow photographers.I booked the trip with some caution: what would the quality of the tour and accommodations be, what would the fellow travelers be like, etc. Having experienced the trip and returned with stunning photographs — I couldn’t be more pleased. I would book and recommend a trip with Nomad Photo Expeditions again without hesitation.


Harry creates an itinerary that is both efficient and filled with photographic opportunities that come from years of building relationships with locals at the destinations you will be visiting. Harry has a way of doing the right thing, at the right time, in the right place to create magical moments that seem like a coincidence but are actually often well thought through and less often simply opportunity meeting preparedness.


The experience was first class by Cuban standards. Accommodations were as described. When problems arose — Harry and his team resolved them quickly and without involvement from the participants (unless a “go” or “no go” choice had to be made). Though the price is higher than you might pay to take other tours — Harry delivers the value and the price shapes the level of interest and type of individuals with whom you will travel. I’ve even stayed in touch with a few other participants.

I highly recommend Nomad Expeditions and Harry for your next photographic adventure!

Jamie Griffin

Thoughtful trip leader

Harry is an excellent and thoughtful trip leader who doesn’t just get you there, but makes you think about what you’re photographing, how you are photographing it and why. All why making sure your comfort and security are assured

Thomas J. A. Lehman MD
United States of America

I came away with fabulous photographs

My husband and I landed in Beijing 2 days before expedition. We met Harry and team of 2 other photographers at hotel. Each photographer was at a different level of experience, yet we learned about the importance of background, subject and lighting from Harry. As we traveled throughout southern China, we experienced several minority tribes off the beaten tourist path. We stayed in locally-owned boutique hotels, where we got a chance to meet the local families. Meals were delicious; we ate the local fare – lots of vegetables, local meats and, of course, rice.


Although our group was small, Harry had several local professionals to assist with travel, staging, to secure accommodations. If you seek a true cultural exchange with opportunities to photograph local peoples in their natural environment, this is your trip. If you seek to expand your unsderstanding of background, subject and lighting, this trip is for you. I came away with fabulous photographs while expanding my photography skills and abilities tremendously.

Michelle Benjamin

“Discovering Cuba with Harry provided

“Discovering Cuba with Harry provided opportunities I wouldn’t have had on my own, or even with other tour providers. His focus on unique environments, and experiences are what made the trip so enjoyable. These experiences not only provided amazing photo opportunities, but they immersed you into the daily lives of the Cuban people. Harry’s approach, and guidance is the perfect mixture of sound instruction, and freedom to do your own thing. In short, Harry makes you a better photographer.”

Timothy Harmon
United States

Don’t hesitate to travel with

Don’t hesitate to travel with Nomad Photo Tours. I went with Harry to Mongolia and had a great trip and came home with photos of a lifetime. Can’t wait for our trip to Spain next year – wish it was sooner!!! Five stars for Nomad.

Joyce Birkenstock
United States

Harry was a phenomenal resource

Harry was a phenomenal resource during our recent travels to Cuba; from his knowledge of the local customs, heritage, and culture, to helping us improve as amateur photographers by explaining in detail the opportunities to develop and hone our skills. This being my second trip to this island Country I was most enthralled to see the other side of Cuba and to be immersed in the culture. I can’t recommend Nomad Photo Expeditions enough as you look for a professional photo-tourism guide

Paul G Tuennerman
United States

Another outstanding trip with Harry!

Another outstanding trip with Harry! My third, but certainly not my last! Morocco was as exotic, as beguiling, as chaotic, as colourful, and as fragrant as as I always dreamt it would be, and in Harry’s capable hands we got to experience and photograph much of it. We were guided through the labyrinth of the ancient medinas, past the workshops, bazaars, spice markets and bustling souks, and in true Harry form, we managed to photograph snake charmers, water bearers, and street musicians in the winding alleyways.


We visited the charming and picturesque seafront city of Essaouira; drove though the snow-topped peaks of the magnificent Atlas Mountains, with its traditional Berber villages and crumbling kasbahs; we rode camels over the rolling sand dunes at sunrise and sunset, and learned to photograph the night sky as we camped in the vastness of the Sahara Desert. We also feasted on tagine, and drank our body weight in delicious mint tea, sometimes served to us by berber nomads.


The trip was extremely well organised, and the accommodation was outstanding The country is eminently photogenic, and I suspect we all took shots we are proud of. I can’t thank Harry enough for such a fantastic experience.


Erika Dolmans
United Kingdom

Harry, where to next is all I can say !

This was my second trip with Harry. I was born and raised in India and moved to US in my twenties. I have spent twice as many years in US and consider myself an American as I have completely embraced American culture. Knowing about Harry’s passion for all things Indian and my own dispassion about the country that gave birth to me I decided to go to India with him and see India through his eyes. His infectious enthusiasm and his love for the country did change my bias towards India and I have come back with a better perception about what India means to outsiders and why they are drawn to it.


The trip took us from north all the way to south and we had such varied experiences from visiting the slums in Mumbai, joining the faithful on the ghats of Varanasi and immersing ourselves in the cultural festivals and arts of Kerala. It was a joyous ride all the way as I was able to connect with people in their languages,enjoy sublime aromas and taste of north and South Indian food and marvel at the the new experiences of Theyyam,Kathakali in Kerala. Harry delivered his India in all its glory and pageantry.


Harry, where to next is all I can say !

Usha Peddamatham
United States

I have been to India before but Harry’s expedition

I have been to India before but Harry’s expedition delivered a far more intimate experience than the average excursion. We witnessed some phenomenal and genuine moments such a dinner attended by many hundreds of sadhus (holy men) and sand pit wresting contests at a shrine tucked deep in the alleys of Varanasi. 


This photography tour was an immersion in the richness, complexity and contradictions of exotic cultures. 
Harry draws on his extensive personal experience and numerous local contacts to give his clients unique and stunningly beautiful photographic opportunities. We were treated to a wealth of organized excursions but there was also ample free time for exploration. We were immersed in places that were off the beaten track and perhaps near the edge of the average comfort zone, however we always felt confident in our safety.
I saw an immediate improvement in my level of photography, thanks to the exceptional subject material and Harry’s personal guidance.


Harry’s devotion to the art, his enthusiasm and his high spirits are truly infectious and would inspire even the most jaded photographer. He shares his technical knowledge freely. His critiques are perceptive, frank and honest. He helps people to see with fresh eyes and to push their limits with exciting results.
In keeping with a tour that avoided the usual tourist traps we stayed in intimate hotels that were authentic while accommodating western standards of comfort. One hotel was a historic haveli right on the ghats in Varanasi where I enjoyed a view of the Ganges River from my bedroom.


I thank Harry for the great portfolio I came away with and for many fond memories of India and Nepal and the wonderful group of photographers who seemed like family by the end of the tour.

Lilian Shen
United States

Perfectly organized, Outstanding photo sessions.

I have just returned from the China photo tour with Harry Fish, and it was an outstanding experience.  I am a dentist in my profession and a cultural photographer in my passion. I have been taking photos for the past 30 years all over the world. Way Way over what I have known untill today. Harry is one of a kind. Perfectly organized, Outstanding photo sessions. He is so passionate as if it was his private photo trip. Definitely a league of his own.

Gilad Fiskus

Harry’s Cuba trip went way beyond my expectations!

I had always wanted to go to Cuba and, with the gradual easing of relations on the U.S. side portending big changes to come, I felt like I needed to go now (May 2016). I love cultural and people photography, and being in places that push the comfort zone a bit because that’s where the interesting stuff tends to be. Harry’s Cuba trip went way beyond my expectations! He is a blast to have as a gregarious, engaging and knowledgeable trip leader and photographer, our group had fantastic chemistry (always an unknown, and a big plus when it’s right) and the locations, itinerary and experience with the culture itself were absolutely great. I want to go back so much – always the ultimate measure – but first it’s off to Varanasi and Nepal next year with Harry

Philip Nigel Smith
United States

My recent trip to Ethiopia exceeded my expectations.

Initially i was drawn to harry”s stunning photographs. While the website was very informative on all aspects, my recent trip to Ethiopia exceeded my expectations.

Harry is an amazing host, generously sharing his passion for travel and photography. His spirit and understanding of people, places and cultures truly made this not just a trip,
but an adventure and a memory. I look forward to many more.

Maxine Helfman
United States

What a great experience!

What a great experience! We just finished our 2nd trip with Harry. Harry never fails to spend time with each participant and is always close by to assist with questions about everything from local customs, local food, and of course, photography. We believe he “goes the extra mile” to organize a really great trip that everyone in the group will find instructive and highly informative. Patricia and I joined Harry for a fabulous trip to Cuba in 2016 and we just finished the Luxury trip to Morocco this year. We can’t wait for the Spain trip we have already signed up for next year. Many thanks to Harry and his staff for a very smooth and wonderful trip!

Mike and Patricia Poulter
United States

Off-the-beaten-path encounters, unusual perspectives

Our travel experience with Harry was exceptional. We both hail from photographic backgrounds, but still learned so much under Harry’s tutelage. We found ourselves commenting on how much Harry had taught us and how incredibly valuable the experience had been. That prompted us to sign up for a second trip with Harry. He helps his travellers bring the essence of a place alive in their photos, he ignites a passion for lighting and composition, and he asks each photographer to reach inside and see things in different ways.


Harry teaches how to find the magic moment and how to compose the next shot based on what was learned from the last. Harry preselects special places that allow for off-the-beaten-path encounters, unusual perspectives, and less-touristy opportunities. His well-thought-out itinerary exposes travellers to key sights/experiences but also permits sufficient time in each locale to develop a sense of place. He patiently explains technical and artistic issues and demonstrates how to blend in with the locals to become comfortable with “up close and personal” shots.


He makes time available for group or private critique sessions, as many or as few as one desires, and always motivates, encourages, and compliments. In the field, His daily agenda gives travellers ample leisure/solo time to explore on their own. Harry steps forward to troubleshoot or advocate for his travellers, demonstrates cultural sensitivity at every turn, and attracts a wonderful group of travellers.

Cristine Milton
United States

For the serious photographer at any level

For the serious photographer at any level, I give Harry Fish and Nomad Photography Tours my highest recommendation. Harry’s love of photography and travel are infectious and he is committed to helping each participant grow their craft creatively and technically.

His tours go to some of the most interesting and photogenic spots on earth and he makes sure there are maximum opportunities for photography, either planned or spontaneous, throughout the tour in places way off the regular tourist routes. He encourages and guides you to go beyond the basics and look for the deeper connection with the people and the spirit of the location. My trip to Ethiopia was one of the best trips I’ve ever taken, both personally and creatively, and I look forward to joining Harry in another amazing destination soon!

Deanniie Janowitz
United States

Harry was able to transmit to participants the necessary human interaction

I went to this trip to India and Nepal with my tele lens to photograph people. I came back enthusiastic of the different approach of coming closer to people and using the wide angle lens instead. Harry was able to transmit to participants the necessary human interaction abilities required. Just watching him working on the field was a great school. Thank you Harry for your ability to bring together such an interesting group of participants. I learnt a lot also from all of them.

Leonardo ALonso

We can not believe how much we saw,

The trip to Ethiopia was absolutely amazing, and Maurits and I are still trying to process the wealth of experiences we had in our extraordinary 8 days with you. We can’t thank you enough for your organization, guidance, good humour and most importantly, your friendship. We can not believe how much we saw, did and learned in such a short period of time, and when we arrived back in London we felt as if we had been gone for weeks.

I think we were extremely lucky that we had such a pleasant and congenial group, but it is the quality of leadership that brings and binds people together. So, thank you, Harry! I will certainly keep an eye on your future trips, particularly Varanasi, though I think it would be a real privilege to join any of them

Erika Dolmans
United Kingdom

Much more than the mere opportunity of taking pictures

My trip with Harry was much more than the mere opportunity of taking pictures in an exotic destination. The chosen and hidden locations were he brought us at the needed time of the day – including very early starts – left me astonished. His help and comments on photographic matters have evoked in me new photographic challenges.

Fernando Portillo

I have had the privilege of being on many photo tours with some exceptionally talented photographers. Harry also belongs there in this genre of photography

My recent trip to Cuba was with Harry Fisch a Spanish photographer. I picked his tour on a whim even though I don’t do people or street photography. My only reason was to go to Cuba. Not knowing much about him or his photography was a blessing in disguise as there would be no disappointment without much expectation.It was a wonderful trip seeing Cuba through his eyes who has been there many times.My initiation into street photography began under Harry’s expert guidance. I have had the privilege of being on many photo tours with some exceptionally talented photographers. Harry also belongs there in this genre of photography. His patience,interest and knowledge helped me develop respect and fascination for this genre. I would recommend his tour highly if one wants to go to Cuba and do people photography

Usha Peddamatham

Coming down from what was probably one of the best trips of our lives.

Two weeks after our arrival in the states, we are just now coming down from what was probably one of the best trips of our lives. As professionals in the photography business, we went into this experience open-minded and ready to explore. Harry’s energy and commitment not only matched ours, but exceeded it. You would think that a photographer who has been to a country numerous times would somehow let the cumulative effect of all his knowledge make him a complacent and a “dial it in” kind of leader.

Harry was the very opposite. His energy and enthusiasm was infectious. His knowledge and compassion combined with his ability to adapt made our trip incredible. His thirst for humanity and ability to highlight what we would normally walk past, was phenomenal and for two people who are no strangers to the profession of street shooting, we learned and we grew immensely. Harry takes your hand when you want him to, and he will step to the side when you are ready to soar. He is an ally, a confidant and a true teacher.

Ami And Chris Riess
United States

Harry Fisch adds to the trip

Discovering Ethiopia with Harry Fisch adds to the trip as it forces you to change the ordinary perspective of this kind of destinations . Not only will he show you the place through the camera – teaching you how story telling is achieved – but he manages to pace the rhythm and the desire to devour a space and a place.

Jordi Lópex

The trip was an enriching experience

Place, characters, frame, the right exposure and the aperture are concepts that I already knew but Harry Fisch taught me how to merge all those elements together in order to get the perfect picture, which can tell a story. I learned that behind a picture there is a whole before and after process. The trip was an enriching experience in my professional and personal life. Would I do it again? Yes, for sure. Thank you Harry.

César Suarez