The Photographers

Each trip is led by a photographer of proven reputation. A hardened traveler who knows everything there is to know about the region and its people, all of which favors the achieving of photographic excellence which is the primary goal.
To learn to get close to a photographic event from your own perspective but with solid technical and artistic arguments. Observe how an expert in the field does that, in the way he prepares his action and how the activity is developed.

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Harry Fisch

harry fisch

Harry Fisch has photographically documented and traveled through over 50 countries. Winner of the 2012 NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC PHOTO CONTEST...

Tim Gerard Baker

Tim Gerard Baker

Tim Gerard Barker (born in 1982) is an Australian photographer and filmmaker, based in Vietnam since 2012.

Alex Coghe

Alex Coghe

Alex Coghe is an Italian established editor and photographer currently based in Mexico City whose professional activity ranges from photojournalism to fashion photography

Luiza Boldeanu

luiza boldeanu

Luiza Boldeanu (born 1987) is a well-known Romanian photographer, specialized in portrait photography, documentary and fine art.

Tino Soriano

tino soriano

His work has been featured in some of the world’s greatest publications such as The National Geographic Magazine, Smithsonian Magazine, Paris Match,…