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Places you must visit in your Namibia photo tour

Harry Fisch

 From barren deserts to desolate highways, perfect your photography skills on this unforgettable tour of Namibia. 


Namibia photo tour



Namibia is heaven for photographers. Located near the southern tip of Africa, this expansive country is one of the least populated in the world. The 2.1 million people who call this African gem home are a mix of local tribes and European immigrants, the descendants of the European colonizers who ruled the country many years ago.



Over the course of 14 days, this photo tour will take you on a journey to uncover the real Namibia; from the abandoned mining town of Kolmanskop to the quiver trees of Keetmanshoop, and the majestic animals that roam the Etosha National Park to the local tribes whose traditions shape this wonderful country, this is an opportunity to capture the true essence of Namibia. You will be given helpful tips and advice on shooting the perfect shot throughout the trip with our trained guides who are on call to assist at any moment.



Capturing a country of diversity



Namibia Photo Tours


Our photo tour will begin with a stop off at the Etango Game Ranch. With diverse landscapes that range from the sands of the Kalahari to mountains and central plains, there is a wide array of flora and fauna to take in, and it provides a perfect chance to take some motion photos and capture life on camera.



Our jaunt around Namibia will continue with a visit to Kolmanskop, a ghost town located a few kilometers from the coastal town of Lüderitz. Long abandoned, the power of nature has taken over this once booming mining town. The colorful houses have been swamped by the golden desert sands and it provides a unique opportunity to capture the beauty of Mother Nature on film. Interior shots are best during the day time – ideal to capture the devastating power of the desert sands, as they take over the now-empty homes. Exterior shots during the morning will produce stunning photos as we return the following day to catch the golden hour, when the sun reflects off the sands, illuminating the town. With so many subjects to work with, this is an ideal chance to create a photographic story.


The many ways of shooting a landscape



For a true desert experience we will move onto the Namib Desert. This stunning location provides us with the chance to take a whole variety of different photos. We will work on aerial shots as we see the desert from above during a hot air balloon ride across a canyon, play with contrast shots as we view the morning sun rising during the early landscape photographic program. This is a perfect chance to capture the contrast of the intense blue of the sky against the glowing red of the desert dunes. Our desert odyssey will continue onto Walvis Bay where we will stop off at the legendary gas station, Solitaire. From there we will take in Namib-Naukluft National Park which will give us the chance to capture indigenous animals such as oryx, ostriches and jackals in their natural habitat.


Later we will reach Walvis Bay where there will be plenty of opportunities to take some photos of the sea colonies and desolate highways that are set against the coast. A truly isolated part of Africa, this area is prone to sea fog which is ideal for capturing atmospheric photos.



Documenting the local people and their cultures



Of course, no trip to Namibia is complete without documenting the local people. We will visit the Herero and Himba communities and immerse ourselves in their daily lives as we work on creating stories and perfecting portrait shots.



That is not all; however, as we will still have time to visit another safari to capture motion photos and we will also pay a visit to Twyfelfontein, a World Heritage Site. Using the strong light of the day, we will capture the stunning rock formations and cave drawings that make this site a truly unique experience.




This and so many more experiences are what will make your photo tour of Namibia an experience that you will never forget. If you are ready to perfect and capture this wonderfully diverse country, click on Namibia Photo Tours to book your Namibian adventure.