April, 15


Another outstanding trip with Harry!

Harry Fisch

Another outstanding trip with Harry! My third, but certainly not my last! Morocco was as exotic, as beguiling, as chaotic, as colourful, and as fragrant as as I always dreamt it would be, and in Harry’s capable hands we got to experience and photograph much of it. We were guided through the labyrinth of the ancient medinas, past the workshops, bazaars, spice markets and bustling souks, and in true Harry form, we managed to photograph snake charmers, water bearers, and street musicians in the winding alleyways.


We visited the charming and picturesque seafront city of Essaouira; drove though the snow-topped peaks of the magnificent Atlas Mountains, with its traditional Berber villages and crumbling kasbahs; we rode camels over the rolling sand dunes at sunrise and sunset, and learned to photograph the night sky as we camped in the vastness of the Sahara Desert. We also feasted on tagine, and drank our body weight in delicious mint tea, sometimes served to us by berber nomads.


The trip was extremely well organised, and the accommodation was outstanding The country is eminently photogenic, and I suspect we all took shots we are proud of. I can’t thank Harry enough for such a fantastic experience.