April, 17


Both efficient and filled with photographic opportunities

Harry Fisch

In 2018, I traveled with Nomad Photo Expeditions to Cuba (Havana, Cienfuegos, & Trinidad) and had an epic adventure with fellow photographers.I booked the trip with some caution: what would the quality of the tour and accommodations be, what would the fellow travelers be like, etc. Having experienced the trip and returned with stunning photographs — I couldn’t be more pleased. I would book and recommend a trip with Nomad Photo Expeditions again without hesitation.


Harry creates an itinerary that is both efficient and filled with photographic opportunities that come from years of building relationships with locals at the destinations you will be visiting. Harry has a way of doing the right thing, at the right time, in the right place to create magical moments that seem like a coincidence but are actually often well thought through and less often simply opportunity meeting preparedness.


The experience was first class by Cuban standards. Accommodations were as described. When problems arose — Harry and his team resolved them quickly and without involvement from the participants (unless a “go” or “no go” choice had to be made). Though the price is higher than you might pay to take other tours — Harry delivers the value and the price shapes the level of interest and type of individuals with whom you will travel. I’ve even stayed in touch with a few other participants.

I highly recommend Nomad Expeditions and Harry for your next photographic adventure!