July, 31


Harry provides one of the best options available.

Harry Fisch

Harry is a consummate world-traveler, full of life, moxie and vigor. His organizational skills are matched quite well with his knowledge of photography. Subject matter and making your adventure comfortable are but two important considerations, fully considered by Harry. He really wants you to get the best possible shot. I had experience learning how to focus, with limited “go time” in a foreign location – Harry made it work perfectly – my photography benefited in ways I food by predict. So, I was mesmerized by our photo-shooting experience in Cuba. And, though my boyfriend has mobility issues, Harry made the trip accessible and intimately familiar even when travel was a bit tight on my boyfriend’s body. While I shot mostly SLR (Nikon D819), my boyfriend is an active range-finder lover, specifically the Leica M9 & Leica M, and some Leica & LUMIX point & shoots (including a LUMIX 3D camera). Been that way since we met 35 years ago in 7th grade when he shot Nikon FE & Nikon EM SLRs. Besides the photos, lifetime relationships found a way to our hearts, still getting plenty of e-mails from folks in Cuba. We really connected with Harry and the varied subject matter that we diligently photographed at his direction. If you seek an authentic photography tour, without exception, Harry provides one of the best options available. My boyfriend’s images are featured at the Leica Miami Store this month (August 2015) & got an Emmy nomination invitation for inventing “digital watermarks” – as we returned from Cuba! How cool is that? Harry can make your photo adventure truly adventurous!