July, 24


Harry, I’ll be back!

Harry Fisch

This was the first time I travelled with Harry and, for that matter, the first time I took a true photography trip.
I was probably a bit apprehensive about fitting in and being “up to par” with more expert photographers who had done this before.
My concerns were very quickly dissipated as I found a wonderful group of travel companions as well as a group of dedicated and always sharing photo enthusiasts.
Harry himself proved to be a great person to travel with. He is travel and world wise and has a wonderful sense of humor that puts you at ease very quickly.
Even though Harry had indicated the trip to Peru was not a photo workshop, the reality is that he is very generous with ideas, suggestions and photo pearls that were, for me, a joy to soak in.
He was able to push me well beyond my personal comfort level in how I took photos and how I interacted with perfect strangers that I was trying to photograph.
The results of this trip was that I had an amazing experience. I saw a beautiful country, met some incredible people there, had the joy of traveling with a great group and, came home with some truly amazing photographs.
I am grateful to Harry for this and to all the others in our group.
Harry, I’ll be back!