April, 15


Harry, where to next is all I can say !

Harry Fisch

This was my second trip with Harry. I was born and raised in India and moved to US in my twenties. I have spent twice as many years in US and consider myself an American as I have completely embraced American culture. Knowing about Harry’s passion for all things Indian and my own dispassion about the country that gave birth to me I decided to go to India with him and see India through his eyes. His infectious enthusiasm and his love for the country did change my bias towards India and I have come back with a better perception about what India means to outsiders and why they are drawn to it.


The trip took us from north all the way to south and we had such varied experiences from visiting the slums in Mumbai, joining the faithful on the ghats of Varanasi and immersing ourselves in the cultural festivals and arts of Kerala. It was a joyous ride all the way as I was able to connect with people in their languages,enjoy sublime aromas and taste of north and South Indian food and marvel at the the new experiences of Theyyam,Kathakali in Kerala. Harry delivered his India in all its glory and pageantry.


Harry, where to next is all I can say !