July, 31


One of the best tours that I have ever taken

Harry Fisch

You will never really know how good of a photographer you can be until you really push yourself and experiment with new visions and new encounters however uncomfortable that may initially be to you. I made the journey to Cuba with Nomad Photo Expeditions with Harry Fisch as our photographic guru, and have been changed in perceptions, vision and understanding of my camera and subjects every since, to the good.
Let me explain. It is to easy to put a camera between you and your subjects. Harry realized right off that was what I was doing, and advised me to befriend, cajole and empathize with the subject, not poke a camera between us immediately. …and to take the shot on the count of 2, not 3!..genius!

Also, Harry had picked out the most compelling and interesting venues for our shoots, whether a worn down but elegant building with Cuban ballerinas or an outdoor boxing ring, the opportunities for magnificent photographs was everywhere, and Harry was there to lend expert technique, perspective and examples….I grew from being a picture taker, to a photographer under his guidance, and use his knowledge and advise everywhere I go, and have a better portfolio because of our encounter.
Accommodations, transportation and importantly meals were first class and varied as to where we were on the island, from restaurants to guest homes, we were treated as welcome visitors, which gave us the chance to meet and bond with the Cuban people, and importantly with our fellow travelers, from which you will learn a lot from and laugh along with.
My only complaint, was having to leave….would I travel with Harry and Nomad again?…absolutely! One of the best travel tours that I have ever taken.