August, 23


I’ve now been on four photo expeditions with Harry

Harry Fisch

I first discovered Nomad Photo Expeditions and Harry Fisch when looking for a photo tour that would take me to the heart of India.


I initially considered National Geographic but, based on his website, I thought that Harry might offer a more personal and intimate experience. 

My hunch was right.  


I’ve now been on four photo expeditions with Harry over the past two years.  I’ve enjoyed each of these expeditions immensely. Our groups have always been small and collegial.  Accommodations have been excellent and close to the action. Meals have been most enjoyable – at good restaurants, typically offering local fare. And, most importantly, itineraries have been well designed and executed – providing the group with great photographic opportunities and very enjoyable travel experiences.The outstanding quality of Nomad’s expeditions is a reflection of Harry’s integrity and commitment to excellence.  


Harry is warm, out-going and energetic – possessing a wonderful sense of humor. These qualities enable him to quickly bring a unconnected collection of strangers together to form a close-knit group of friends with the common goal of getting some great photos.


Of course, Harry is an excellent photographer. He leads by example; he is generous with advice, and he is direct with constructive criticism. Resourceful – able to adapt quickly and effectively to changing or unexpected circumstances.