April, 15


I have been to India before but Harry’s expedition

Harry Fisch

I have been to India before but Harry’s expedition delivered a far more intimate experience than the average excursion. We witnessed some phenomenal and genuine moments such a dinner attended by many hundreds of sadhus (holy men) and sand pit wresting contests at a shrine tucked deep in the alleys of Varanasi. 


This photography tour was an immersion in the richness, complexity and contradictions of exotic cultures. 
Harry draws on his extensive personal experience and numerous local contacts to give his clients unique and stunningly beautiful photographic opportunities. We were treated to a wealth of organized excursions but there was also ample free time for exploration. We were immersed in places that were off the beaten track and perhaps near the edge of the average comfort zone, however we always felt confident in our safety.
I saw an immediate improvement in my level of photography, thanks to the exceptional subject material and Harry’s personal guidance.


Harry’s devotion to the art, his enthusiasm and his high spirits are truly infectious and would inspire even the most jaded photographer. He shares his technical knowledge freely. His critiques are perceptive, frank and honest. He helps people to see with fresh eyes and to push their limits with exciting results.
In keeping with a tour that avoided the usual tourist traps we stayed in intimate hotels that were authentic while accommodating western standards of comfort. One hotel was a historic haveli right on the ghats in Varanasi where I enjoyed a view of the Ganges River from my bedroom.


I thank Harry for the great portfolio I came away with and for many fond memories of India and Nepal and the wonderful group of photographers who seemed like family by the end of the tour.