April, 9


Off-the-beaten-path encounters, unusual perspectives

Harry Fisch

Our travel experience with Harry was exceptional. We both hail from photographic backgrounds, but still learned so much under Harry’s tutelage. We found ourselves commenting on how much Harry had taught us and how incredibly valuable the experience had been. That prompted us to sign up for a second trip with Harry. He helps his travellers bring the essence of a place alive in their photos, he ignites a passion for lighting and composition, and he asks each photographer to reach inside and see things in different ways.


Harry teaches how to find the magic moment and how to compose the next shot based on what was learned from the last. Harry preselects special places that allow for off-the-beaten-path encounters, unusual perspectives, and less-touristy opportunities. His well-thought-out itinerary exposes travellers to key sights/experiences but also permits sufficient time in each locale to develop a sense of place. He patiently explains technical and artistic issues and demonstrates how to blend in with the locals to become comfortable with “up close and personal” shots.


He makes time available for group or private critique sessions, as many or as few as one desires, and always motivates, encourages, and compliments. In the field, His daily agenda gives travellers ample leisure/solo time to explore on their own. Harry steps forward to troubleshoot or advocate for his travellers, demonstrates cultural sensitivity at every turn, and attracts a wonderful group of travellers.