July, 27


Each photo captures a story that Harry wants to challenge you to see.

Harry Fisch

I’m sure, dear reader, that this is not the first review you’ve read hoping to get some authentic sense of an experience. This one was special for me and, hopefully, my words will convey my experience to you.My wife and I wanted to go to Mongolia; I to enhance my photographic skills and both for adventure. The spare camera she was given was almost left at home with, ‘ you take the photos, I have my Iphone’. Glad I insisted.

Photography has been an interest in of mine since childhood. I’ve never had an interest in selling my photos and only once entered any contest. Photography was for me and occasionally friends and family. Several of my pieces hang on their walls. With this background I went on a hunt for a photographer-guide to Mongolia. Why Harry?

First, there was a quality to his work I liked. I saw depth in his subjects and a message that caught my attention; really look at what I’m showing you. But it would take two weeks together to get me to begin to understand what I was actually seeing. Which was the story behind his photos.

Harry is a very smart guy with depth to his life experiences. He brings this keen insight to how he sees the world and how that world gets portrayed through his lens. Each photo captures a story that Harry wants to challenge you to see. Perhaps the best result of our trip was kindling my wife’s interest in photography. She’s clearly excited about expanding her skills as well.

Of course Mongolia was wonderful. A vast expanse of native peoples with a unique culture, openness to strangers and a willingness to share who they are. But it was Harry who brought it all together for us. Through his eyes, we had a unique peek into the world these wonderful people live in.