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A Few Testimonials from my Cuba Photo Tour

Harry Fisch

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I took a Nomad Photo Expedition photo tour of Cuba with Harry Fisch in January, 2016, and was pleasantly surprised at the amount of planning and coordination Harry put into this trip. In addition to the familiar sites, as well as some out-of-the-way places in which to photograph extremely friendly Cuban people, architecture and vintage cars, Harry arranged private sessions with professional models on selected sets and unique locations. It would be almost impossible to come away from a trip to Cuba with Harry without some fabulous images; and I highly recommend it for any serious photographer.

Bill Cain, USA

This was my second trip to Cuba, though my first with in a Photography Tour. The trip exceeded my expectations. Harry was very helpful and attentive, intense but relaxed. I feel I learned a lot about photography and was exposed to places and people in Cuba off the beaten path. The small group made for easy congenial travel. Although it would have been nice to critique each others photographs, there just wasn’t enough time. From dawn into the night, if one chose to, one could be out taking pictures. It was great. Cubans are wonderfully warm and welcoming people. This is the time to go. The travel company, In Touch, was responsive though getting Travel Insurance was a bit more complicated since travel to Cuba is still restricted.

Nancy Schieffelin


Since I had not been to Cuba before, I did not have expectations, except, since this was a photographic trip, to come home with some good photographs. I am thrilled with my photographs and I learned a lot from our photographer leader, Harry Fisch. He was extremely generous in sharing his knowledge and experience. We had opportunities to take spontaneous photos of Cubans on the street, as well as those in more organized set-up situations organized by Harry. The Cuban people we met were delightful and super friendly—that made the trip very special

Louise Grauer

Cuba with Harry Fisch was one of my most productive photographic workshops. I came away not only with a terrific portfolio but a new understanding of the lovely Cuban people. The people and places we visited were safe and the accommodation was clean, comfortable and far better than I expected. The photo workshops were magnificent and I learnt so much. I would recommend Harry and the workshop to any photographer passionate about their work. It was a wonderful opportunity.

Louise Wolbers USA

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My wife is an avid photographer and I love video. Its difficult to select a venue/workshop that would keep my interest and provide her an exceptional photography opportunity. We had previously booked a photo workshop in Cuba but withdrew after reading reviews of the leader and the experience. We found Harry’s however, and it sounded unique, intriguing, and was reasonably priced. So we took a chance. We were concerned the trip would be confined to tourist-like photo shoots and not allow interaction with the “real Cuba”. We were absolutely wrong-thankfully. Wow! We loved it! The relative small group (who became very close), Harry’s personality, and the incredibly unique photo sessions went way beyond our expectations. We would do this again in a heart beat. If you want more than just a typical travel/photography (and videography) experience, take a look at this one. Exceeded our expectations in virtually every way.

Dave Goudge Phoenix, Arizona

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On the tour of Cuba with Harry Fisch (May 2016) I took some of my best photos ever, mainly because Harry worked hard to provide us with ‘more interesting stuff.’ When I am excited by what I see my photographs reflect that. We had plenty of occasions to shoot vintage cars, distinctive architecture and the colorful street life of the island – the expected visitor’s experience. But we were also treated to the unexpected – glimpses into Cuban culture like the interior of a tobacco farmer’s home, a private ceremonial practice of Santeria (often referred to as voodoo) and much more. I felt this tour packed a wealth of unusual photographic opportunities into nine days. I was also impressed by the amount of individual attention we received from Harry, as well as the group demonstrations on various aspects of photography. I found it immensely helpful to have an analytical eye look over my work and the critiques gave me motivation to try new approaches. Yes, I would highly recommend the trip!

Lilian Shen, Vermont, USA

My wife and I recently joined Harry Fisch on a photographic tour in Cuba. This was our first experience on such a tour and our first with Harry. It was nothing short of amazing! Let me say we are very new to photography but Harry’s patience, support, passion and engaging personality made the trip an experience of a lifetime….we would highly recommend Harry Fisch….whether you are a novice or a seasoned photographer, you will definitely enjoy your time with Harry!

Larry and Beverly Roesel

I had always wanted to go to Cuba and, with the gradual easing of relations on the U.S. side portending big changes to come, I felt like I needed to go now (May 2016). I love cultural and people photography, and being in places that push the comfort zone a bit because that’s where the interesting stuff tends to be. Harry’s Cuba trip went way beyond my expectations! He is a blast to have as a gregarious, engaging and knowledgeable trip leader and photographer, our group had fantastic chemistry (always an unknown, and a big plus when it’s right) and the locations, itinerary and experience with the culture itself were absolutely great. I want to go back so much – always the ultimate measure – but first it’s off to Varanasi and Nepal next year with Harry.

Philip Smith

….First there is Harry. His energy and excitement is infectious. He makes you stop and think about a moment that you would have ordinarily missed in such a wonderful way. He trains you in all aspects of photography as much or as little as you wish. He was never overly directing your photos or lecturing his way of shooting. If you asked a question he’d help, if you wanted to listen to his advice you could. I loved that because with ten different photographers on our trip no one was at the same skill level or even shot in remotely the same style so it was really important to me that he embraced and understood everyone as an individual and not a group. Second was the organization of the tour. Everything was laid out meticulously, we never had to stop and worry about a single thing as someone from the tour group was always on top of it. Even when things went off plan there was never a moment I felt unsure about what was going on. We stayed in great accommodations and the food at all the places where we ate was great. Our tour guide Yisele was an absolute gem both in her organization and her knowledge. The best part for me where was that even though there was a lot of activities and agenda items for us we also had a lot of flexibility and free time as well….

Gina Lopez

Traveling to Cuba is a wonderful experience. Going with Harry Fisch takes it to a whole new level. We loved Harry’s ability to access behind-the-scenes opportunities and his go-with-the-flow process. This is no “standard” tour. I was concerned that my inexperience as a “real” photographer might get in the way, but I came away with new insights, confidence, and photos I’m proud to say are mine. We look forward to hearing the dates for India 2017!

Kayce S. Hughlett, MA