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Ethiopia Photo Tour

Harry Fisch

We are heading back  to Ethiopia on an exciting Ethiopia Photo Tour  


We will be there during one of it’s most incredible festivities.  The highland of Lalibela  is a journey to the heart of ancient Christian tradition in orthodox Ethiopia. It is a leap back in time where we will see rites which originated in the 5th century, when at the Council of Chalecdon the Orthodox contingent separated itself from the auspices of Rome.


The challenge will be to forge  an even more exciting photographic experience than the one we shared a few months ago!   The contrast of the two extreme regions of Ethiopia: Lalibela in the North and the Tribes in  the South, the mountain carved Copt 12th century churches and the exciting vanishing tribes.



Here  all the information on this Ethiopia Photo Tour.  


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Lalibela inside a church




Namibia Photo Workshop



We start with an expedition to the valley of the Omo River, The Mursi, Hamer, Karo, Bume, Konso and Omorate are only some of the tribes still living and preserving their age-old customs.



Here  all the information on this Ethiopia Photo Tour.  



Mursi standing near the road on a Nomad Photo Expedition Ethiopia Photo Tour

Mursi standing next to the road.


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Having visited   the region for eight times, this is one of my world  favourite destinations if not the most impressive of them all.  This is a real Africa, and a safe one by the way: people are friendly and the two regions we will visit belong to a  totally unexploited part of the globe.


This is all about people travel photography always  surrounded by beautiful landscapes. Spontaneous work, photo sessions. We will  mix with the locals, we will try – as much as possible- not to act as tourists. Of course we will implement some of the techniques that I have developped over the years (see my post 7 tips for approaching a stranger) .


Lalibela Photo Tour




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Meeting my friends in the Tribes of the South


On this Ethiopia Photo Tour we should  be meeting  the chief of the Mursi tribe  in  the deep remote  south of the country a few  days before  reaching   the Karo tribe,  the  village next to the Omo river with  it’s  extraordinary landscape.


I am looking forward to our photographic  moments, in the middle of nowhere , creating spontaneous photo sessions with the most incredible people as models.  The pleasure of the road, our photographic discussions, in our air conditioned 4×4’s, getting to  the remote areas while we  reach  an exceptional  Bull Jumping ceremony.




Two Karos in Ethiopia




The excitement of meeting again my friend  Bolli, from the Bahna Tribe.  We will organise a private photo session with him and some of the members of his familly.   My previous Ethiopia Photo Tour was four months ago, I wonder if he will still be there.  We will also visit the beautiful women from the Arbore tribe who have become  part of the Ethiopian landscape.


I will take my travelers to the places where few visitors go: a bar in a hidden village, a private home,  a local restaurant with it’s billiard table were we can  have a game with locals.





A couple of young ARbore women on a photo session in Ethiopia



And the African nights. Without a cloud. The silence.  Our dinners under the stars. Again, more photographic discussions preparing the upcoming journey..






Lalibela and the Jerusalem of Ethiopia



One of the most exciting moments of this Ethiopia Photo Tour  will be  Lalibela, in the north of Ethiopia.  It is  mostly as having been transported with  a  time machine, a complete  change of scenario: It’s  like having been brought  to another totally different country,  another different world.


Two men photographed when praying at Lalibela


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Etiopia Post-76197619sin título2015-7619-2



The tribes will vanish in our minds while we   suddenly appear in the 12th century in  a holly land that mimics Jerusalem at the time of the birth of Jesus. The faithful praying  inside the dark churches at  the same exact scenario that they were doing so for the last six centuries.


We will be starting to photograph  before sunrise waiting for the very best light and the calm pace of the people ascending the hill  to pray.  They will be surprised by our silent and discrete photographic presence.  They never expect a  tourist at that  time of the  morning. We will cross a few of them while  we head down back to our hotel…


But, even though we will be concentrated on our photographic work, this is not always 100% about photography. When we are in contact with people… it’s about  people. A photographic workshop in Ethiopia can also bring some unexpected surprises.



Photo session with Harry Fisch and Cesar Suarez



Six months ago, in the deep  south of Ethiopia, next to the Kenia border,  on a visit to  a Mursi Tribe, the fierce chief of the tribe, was having an argument with my guide and friend, Mamoush who also acted as a translator fro me.


– “What is this about” . I asked Manoush.


The chief faced my guide:


– “We are not being well paid – said the chief-  this man  is a professional photographer he should pay us more”.


– “OK, was my answer,  tell him that if we succeed to  keep things organized I will be happy  to pay more”.


The chief, half naked, his face and body  painted in white stripes,  approached me and forgetting about the guide, stared at me while , in perfect English commented:


– “No problem , I am also  a photographer. I understand your needs (with a smile). By the way, here is my email address. If you need help in the future…”


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Article by Harry Fisch.  Nomad Photo Expeditions