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Over the years, Harry Fisch has led and organized small, carefully designed, exclusive photo tours to exotic destinations. Our expeditions are exciting, passionate, and fun. Photography is our excuse to explore different worlds, to discover realities other than our own, and to see what happens behind the scenes and beyond what a normal traveler sees and experiences.
Travelers of all levels and ages, novices, and experienced photographers, join our trips with a focus on travel photography and people. This is not a sightseeing tour in which a photographer has been included.



Mysterious China Photo Tour and the Yunnan Province

THE “MYSTERIOUS” CHINA PHOTO TOUR         This China Photo Tour is one of my personal favorites, and I think one of the most exciting in the Nomad Photo Expeditions repertoire. It takes you to a ‘road less traveled’ through the deep country, and the route has been purposefully and carefully planned to […]


Harry Fisch Private Portfolio

The Private Portfolio  Visit the Private Portfolio            The photographs in my Private Portfolio are inspired in the places I visit when I lead the Nomad Photo Expeditions Photo Tours.  Many of those images have even been taken while on a Nomad Photo Tour . They are the result of many years of work […]


An incredible Cuba Photo Tour

Let’s document together your photo tour of Cuba. I have an insider knowledge of this bustling country. Not only will you get the opportunity to shoot parts of Cuba and Havana that regular tourists never get to see, but we will work on how to enhance your personal skill development: from how best to approach the subjects, to which techniques to use. You will benefit immensely during the active photo shoots. You will enjoy an incredible Cuba Photo Tour


Ethiopia Photo Tour

My Ethiopia Photo Tour and the India Photo Tour and workshops are my favorite destinations, but I have to admit that Africa has something very special to me. The unspoiled simplicity of the people I still find in Ethiopia . The raw, pure and authentic approach of some tribes…


A Few Testimonials from my Cuba Photo Tour

          Join me on my next Photo Tour to Cuba   I took a Nomad Photo Expedition photo tour of Cuba with Harry Fisch in January, 2016, and was pleasantly surprised at the amount of planning and coordination Harry put into this trip. In addition to the familiar sites, as well […]


Who's Harry

harry fisch

Harry Fisch, has been a photographer for more years than he cares to remember. He has photographically documented more than 50 countries through which he has traveled.
Winner of the "Places" category 2012 World National Geographic Photo with his work "Preparing the prayers in the Ganges", the picture was later disqualified due to editing-out a plastic bag. Finalist and short listed of the Sony World Photography Awards, as well as by Photoespaña, the most prestigious Spanish photographic event.



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· Cuba Photo Tour: An exclusive US legal Photo Tour to Cuba, visiting Havana, Viñales, Cienfuegos and Trinidad, [...]

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