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Adventure Photo Tours     

Over the years, Harry Fisch has led and organized small, carefully designed, exclusive photo tours to exotic destinations. Our expeditions are exciting, passionate, and fun. Photography is our excuse to explore different worlds, to discover realities other than our own, and to see what happens behind the scenes and beyond what a normal traveler sees and experiences.
Travelers of all levels and ages, novices, and experienced photographers, join our trips with a focus on travel photography and people. This is not a sightseeing tour in which a photographer has been included.


Who's Harry Fisch

harry fisch

Harry Fisch is a travel photographer who founded Nomad Photo Expeditions in 2011. The Winner of the 2012 World National Geographic photo contest in the Places Category and later disqualified due to editing-out a plastic bag (read the post (read the post "How I won and lost the National Geographic contest in less than one second"). His work has deserved since then numerous awards: selected in 2010 by Photoespaña in the section “Discoveries”, finalist in the Sony 2012 World Photo Awards, two Jury Awards in 2014 in the Grand Prix de la Découverte, 2019 two IPA Professional Awards of Merit, 2019 finalist in the Travel Photographer of the Year. In 2020 he has been awarded a Bronze in the professional category on the MIFA (Moscow International Foto Awards), 2020 finalist at the IPA as well as two honorable mentions. Harry Fisch's work has been published in various prestigious web photography sites such as Lens Culture, Maptia, Ephotozine, to name a few.

A writer in different international photography publications, Harry Fisch's work has been published in various prestigious web photography sites such as Lens Culture, Maptia, Ephotozine,

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We witnessed some phenomenal and genuine moments.... Way over what I have known until today. Perfectly organized, Outstanding photo sessions. Harry is so passionate as if it was his private photo trip.

Incredible destinations, great locations within the destinations, interesting subjects and places, the best photographic support and a positive day to day atmosphere. All this together with nice lodging and food. Most of our trips are Photo Tours, and a few Workshops. On a photo tour we spend about 80%of our photo time taking photos, and about 20% on analyzing them and honing our vision.

Far less academic than a photography workshop, these trips take place in remote areas that are beautiful and certainly intense, and you start in hands on from the get-go. A professional photographers will give you advice on the technical aspects of photography as needed, but above all, about the environment of the shooting: the way to approach the subject, the preparation, the equipment. Spontaneous lessons will alternate between set photo sessions,, analysis of photographic techniques and photo reviewing.

We put together small groups, between 6 and 10 people at the most, which we keep small in order to fit in all of the special interests of each participant. A friendly and less aggressive integration between the traveler and the locations we visit. The size of the group does matter. Sharing knowledge with people going on photo trips has to be done personally. On one hand, a big group just can’t make “intimate” photos and on the other, the leading photographer can’t devote enough attention to the individual traveler-photographer within a large group.

With plenty of time to discuss technical problems, creative doubts, or any other personal matters that may arise. Some are concerned with technique, others with how to approach human subjects, and almost all of them with their personal approach to the artistic element of photography.

Beyond the destination itself we look at the most interesting themes and subjects in each location. You need to know what is authentic or of genuine photographic interest and what isn’t, and you need, of course, a solid connection to the locals.

Years of investment in local research, looking for interesting places to visit, struggling to create the proper contacts, handpicking hotels.  We are all passionate about photography, and want our clients to share that. We approach this challenge by creating opportunities to catch everything at its best; people interacting until we hit the perfect, most natural and real scene.

Only after years of photographic experience on the ground do you get to know a locale’s special feeling, out of the way places, and how to make ties with the people who live there as well as with their reality.

Our priority, when choosing accommodation, is to give you proximity to the desired photographic location and contact with local people. All in comfort! 4 stars hotels, boutique hotels and occasionally 5 stars. We stay at well-placed hotels that allow us to reach the area of photography in a short time, and have good amenities, such as that have private bathrooms, air conditioning and/or fans.

We share our destinations with passionate beginners as well as advanced amateurs and, occasionally, with a “pro”. Much of the style of the tutoring on our trips is focused on the analysis of the work needed to create a picture: what can be relevant to a scene, how to establish the plot of the photograph, how to guide the eye of the viewer, create a rhythm and a direction for the photograph.


An incredible Japan photographic trip

A fantastic photo tour to Japan with an introduction to this fascinating culture through an expert photographer. We will be exploring the most interesting areas of the visual photographic Japan as well as this ancient culture.


How to get your best India

India is essentially a photographer’s all you can eat buffet; from the whirlwind of the festivals, to the bustling throngs of the marketplaces, the exquisite architectures, and the hundreds of peoples and cultures, you can and will find any photographically appealing scenario you could possibly imagine in this incredible country. But, though it has an endless supply of spectacular fodder for your camera, going there unprepared can lead to frustration and stress.