April, 12


Street and Travel photography

Harry Fisch

Cuban Boxers, Harry Fisch



I have been invited to write at ALex Cogue‘s  great blog. It’s a pleasure to be sharing such a great content with a master in Black and white photography.  Alex work is well known amongst the great “aficionados” of Street Photography as well as erotic artists.  Being a travel photograper myself, as I explain on my post, I believe that there are many similarities between my travel photograpy work and what a street photographer does.  The approach is similar, a travel photography  and a street photography is mainly interested in people and the facts of life. Perhaps the initial attitude is different: a Street phoptographer is more a witness, while a travel photographer can be the same and intervene with people at the same time.


Man at the Malecon


This is going to be a very interested joint collaboration exploring to worlds that could interest lovers of both sides of the river…


Alex Cogue Blog




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