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Adventure Photo Tours     


Over the years, Harry Fisch has led and organized small, carefully designed, exclusive photo tours to exotic destinations. Our expeditions are exciting, passionate, and fun. Photography is our excuse to explore different worlds, to discover realities other than our own, and to see what happens behind the scenes and beyond what a normal traveler sees and experiences.
Travelers of all levels and ages, novices, and experienced photographers, join our trips with a focus on travel photography and people. This is not a sightseeing tour in which a photographer has been included.



The Ethics of Travel Photography Tours in India

I get a lot of questions about how ethical people photography is, especially when I kick off an India photography workshop. Often they’re the same questions that come up over and over again. One of the first is always questioning the ethics of approaching a subject, especially on an India photo tour. People ask, “how would I feel if a foreigner came up to me in my own country and took my picture?”


Press and Articles

  LensCulture | Les Miserables: Nepali Brick-Makers – Photographs and text by Harry Fisch THE ARTICLES & POSTS.  You can visit the different articles and posts that are being  published in different magazines. From awards to travel posts and technical articles.   PLEASE VISIT HERE                      


How We Organize Our Photo Tours

  65% of our customers have traveled on our Photo Tours  more than once. Many of them three or more times! They take advantage of our years of investment in local research, handpicking hotels, looking for interesting places to visit, struggling to create the proper contacts .   THE MOST INCREDIBLE DESTINATIONS AND PEOPLE PHOTOGRAPHY.  […]


An incredible Cuba Photo Tour

Let’s document together your photo tour of Cuba. I have an insider knowledge of this bustling country. Not only will you get the opportunity to shoot parts of Cuba and Havana that regular tourists never get to see, but we will work on how to enhance your personal skill development: from how best to approach the subjects, to which techniques to use. You will benefit immensely during the active photo shoots. You will enjoy an incredible Cuba Photo Tour


Ethiopia Photo Tour

My Ethiopia Photo Tour and the India Photo Tour and workshops are my favorite destinations, but I have to admit that Africa has something very special to me. The unspoiled simplicity of the people I still find in Ethiopia . The raw, pure and authentic approach of some tribes…


Harry Fisch Private Portfolio

The Private Portfolio      Visit the Private Portfolio    The photographs in my Private Portfolio are inspired in the places I visit when I lead the Nomad Photo Expeditions Photo Tours.  Many of those images have even been taken while on a Nomad Photo Tour . They are the result of many years of work and repeated visits. […]


What makes our China Photo Tour so special

On this China Photo Tour we will be working with both posed and unposed photo shoots, the key to great photography is getting up close and personal. It might be outside the normal comfort zone but your photography will definitely benefit from it.


What makes this India Photo Tour so special

    I’ve been traveling and operating in India  for years of my life, but it’s one of the most unpredictable – and rewarding – destinations as far as a photographer is concerned. Every time I operate an India Photo Tour I think I’ve seen it all, and every time India proves me wrong.    I’ve been traveling […]


Who's Harry Fisch

harry fisch

Harry Fisch was the Winner of the 2012 world national geographic photo contest in the Places Category, and later disqualified due to editing-out a plastic bag (read the post " How I won and lost the National Geographic contest in less than one second" ) . He has also been a finalist in the 2013 sony world photo awards and two awards of merit in France, grand prix de la decouverte 2013. Finalist in the 2010 Photoespaña contest , possibly the most prestigious Spanish photographic event, in the section "Discoveries".

A writer in different international photography publications, Harry Fisch's work has been published in various prestigious web photography sites such as Lens Culture, Maptia, Ephotozine,

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