India Photo Tours

Enjoy our guided photography tour of India

India is not only an essential for any travel photographer, but it’s the essential. It’s the everything place, an all you can eat buffet of photographic opportunity. But of course because of its grandeur, versatility, and limitless options, it’s impossible to throw a stone without hitting an ad for a photo tour of India.

That’s why it’s important to pick the best! Nomad Photo Expedition’s photography tours in India are the best. Harry Fisch and his team will take you through the endless possibilities of this incredible country by opening all the back stage doors, getting into all the restricted areas, and finding the brightest jewels of this vast and lovely place to hand you a supply of spectacular fodder for your camera.

Private photography tours 2018 in India

There is absolutely no bad time to go on photo tours in India. The question of when is almost always answered, whenever you get the chance, and of course Nomad offers many options for private photography tours in country. Always go with guided photography tours in India, as getting around, and gaining access to the most interesting spots will be next to impossible without a solid guide with good contacts in the area.

Nomad offers great, action and access packed photography trips in India year round. With small groups and expert attention, you’ll be sure to walk away with some incredible photos from these trips.

Cultural Photography tours

Nomad offers a variety of options for cultural photography trips to India, which include the wonders of the Pushkar Camel Fair with its dizzying, high octane games and trade deals, the Holi Festival which is a literal kaleidoscope of color, paint, laughter, and people, Dwaili and the festival of lights which happens across the country, and trips to Varanasi, the holy site of the Ganges where the faithful come in droves to pray and celebrate.

Nature Photography tours

As much as Nomad does cultural tours, we also do nature tours in country. Spend time in the gorgeous, seemingly endless Rajasthani desert, hopping from city to city that spring up like oases in the vastness of the sienna sand flats. Or, if you’re in more of a blue mood, head down south to the exquisite waterways of Kerala and join a boat trip to photograph the incredible wildlife and flora of the jungled south.

India travel photography

India is hands down one of the most interesting places on the map for travel photographers, but sometimes also the most frustrating and challenging. No matter! Go into your tour with an open mind and trust in Harry and his team to help you rise to whatever challenges the country throws at you, because this is not a place you want to miss.

Imagine setting yourself up just on the bank of the river in Varanasi, just before dawn. Everything interesting is just about to happen, since the tourists are nowhere to be seen. You wait and the first devoted pilgrims come down the steps to bath, farm animals drift by in the streets, shaking off sleep, as a long boat slips silently through the blue hours of dawn sending sprays of scarlet fire in lines of petrol off the back of their sterns.

Or imagine walking into the camel fair for the first time and coming face to face with the teeming mass of people that have brought hordes of animals into the tiny city of Pushkar. You’ll walk lines of booths selling spices and textiles, camel and horse wear, food, endless drink as the desert bred cowboys race up and down the main thoroughfare just beside you showing off their horse mastery.

Wherever you go in India, it will be the photographic experience of a lifetime.

Why a photography trip in India with Harry Fisch

When it comes to photo tours in India, Harry has been at it a long time. One of the best and most renown in his field, award-winning photographer Harry Fisch knows the country like the back of his hand. As someone so well versed in travel photography in India, where he often goes for his own work, you’ll get one of the best guided photography tours there is in country.

These tours strike the perfect balance between structured time, exclusive access to planned photo shoots, and also free time where you can pursue whatever story you wish to on your own. And the team is seasoned – your guide will help you navigate the country and the people, while Harry advises you and helps you hone your photographic skills with both his knowledge in the field and knowledge of the country.