Jun. 09 - 18, 2022



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A photo tour to Peru

Photo Tours to Peru with photographer Harry Fisch on a unique off the beaten path experience.The centerpiece, the elaborate Corpus Christi celebration in Cuzco with processions and events with incredible photographic opportunities with locals and people from villages around Cuzco participating or watching this colorful, authentic, exotic event. We set up an open air studio for an afternoon in a picturesque courtyard or other typical place where we photograph families, older people, kids, etc.- real people, bringing them in off the street during the celebrations.

Starting in Cuzco coinciding with the celebration of Corpus Christi with Sacred Valley and Machu Pichu with an extension to Puno and lake Titicaca Including Festival of the Campesinos.

This photo tour will explore the lives of people of Cuzco, Peru and surrounding areas, particularly the indigenous Quechua descendants of the Incas as did great photographers like Martin Chambi and Irving Penn.

In the countryside, we will photograph people in small towns, in their homes, on their farms working, etc. real situations, not contrived shots of weavers at the typical tourist sites.