Apr. 12 - 20, 2022



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A unique Ethiopia Photo Tour

We are leading Photo Tours to Ethiopia with photographer Harry Fisch for the last 10 years on a unique off the beaten path experience. 7 participants max. Private photo sessions and spontaneous work. Mixing with the locals far from the touristic approach.

An uncommon Ethiopia photo tour with special local experiences and set photo sessions in different locations with an experienced photographer. This is all about people travel photography always surrounded by beautiful landscapes...

On the Ethiopia Photo Tours and workshops I visit Ethiopia several times per year. Friendly people in one little visited part of the globe. One of my world favourite destinations.

We should be meeting the chief of the Mursi tribe in the deep remote south of the country a few days before reaching the Karo tribe, the village next to the Omo river with it’s extraordinary landscape. I am looking forward to our photographic moments, in the middle of nowhere , creating spontaneous photo sessions with the most incredible people as models. The pleasure of the road, our photographic discussions, in our air conditioned 4×4’s, getting to the remote areas while we reach an exceptional Bull Jumping ceremony.

Part of this adventure on this Ethiopia Photo Tour is the fascinating Lalibela Extension.

I’ve visited Lalibela, in the north of Ethiopia, on many occasions and it syill is one of the most fascinating photography trips I take anywhere in the world. It’s a jump back in time, a photographic journey beyond compare. It’s churches dimly lit by flickering candles, surrounded by faith and roughhewn rock. It’s an entire world suspended in the 12th century.

The churches seem timeless, painstakingly carved into the ground itself. No, not carved, excavated. They were built by carving first almost a moat and then hewn from the square rock in the center of it. What is just as astounding as the architecture is that the churches have been in continuous use since they were built. Lalibela is a town of no more than 10,000 people, but over a tenth of those are priests. Ritual and religion are the twin fulcrums upon which life in this place spins. There are with regularity processions, fasting, main voices lifted up in song, and dancing.