Roberto Pazzi is a bilingual award-winning travel photographer. An engineer by education, he has been dedicated to travel and photography for years. An expert tour leader he has been traveling around the world to more than 60 destinations designing expeditions and photo tours.  Here you can visit a post with one of the many interviews with Roberto Pazzi with his memories and ongoing projects.

“Photography makes me look at the world like a child. ​That reminds me that the simplest things are also the most important ones….”

Simple moments and images describing the wonderful miracle of life. Every single face is like a book of the life of someone where every wrinkle is telling a story of that book. Behind every human being there are stories made of emotions, scents, lives, rumors, memories, voices, tired hands, wet eyes, smiles.


  • 2020 – Winner for the PIL World Photography Contest in People category
  • 2020 – Silver Winner for the TIFA in People category
  • 2020 – Runner-up for the Nikon POTY in Travel category
  • 2020 – Runner-up for the ViewBug POTY
  • 2020 – Honorable Mention for the ND Photography Awards for Professionals in People/Culture category.




Atlas of Humanity (Desenzano, Italy), Art Primitive Gallery (Sarzana, Italy),Hinterland Gallery (Vienna, Austria), Galerie Joseph Le Marais (Paris, France), International Photography (Dali, Cina), Casacor (Sao Paulo, Brazil),Palazzo Ca’ Zanardi (Venice, Italy), Oborishte Gallery (Sofia, Bulgaria), Poppy Ball 18 (Riyadh Kingdom, Saudi Arabia),PhotoKina (Cologne, Germany),Brick Lane Gallery (London, UK),Valid World Hall (Barcelona, Spain),National Museum, (Chelyabinsk, Russia),Qlick Gallery (Amsterdam, Holland),International Festival of Photography (Mazara del Vallo, Italy),Mart Photography Center (Ekaterinburg, Russia),Castello di Pagazzano (Bergamo, Italy),Palazzo Berva (Milano, Italy).




National Geographic, National Geographic Travel, GEO Magazine, N-Photo, Dodho Magazine, The Sun, The Scottish Sun, The Times, The Guardian The Daily Mail, The Daily Telegraph