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Adventure Morocco Photo Tours

If it is adventures you crave then look no further than our Morocco photo tours! Morocco is a photographic paradise and Moroccan travel photography is unlike any other. On this Nomad guided photography tour you’ll chart the roads of this old and colorful place, from the desert camps to the fishing villages, to the rainbow wheeling madness of the Medinas and the city markets. No day is without an adventure!

Far from the normal tourist trap, if you want real Moroccan travel photography, here is where you’ll get it. We offer personalized and exclusive private photo sessions with a whole host of subjects from real-life snake charmers in Djemma el-Fna’s market and Berber tribesmen than inhabit the bones of the world, the Atlas Mountains. We will go by four by four, camel, whatever it takes to reach the most interesting and remote places of the country for a travel photography experience that cannot be topped!


We’ll offer you sessions with dancers, musicians, tent-dwelling men of the desert, and take camel rides to quite undisturbed locations around the Moroccan map to make sure you get the most authentic experience possible.




Enjoy our guided photography tour in Morocco


          This guided photography tour starts out in Marrakech, of course. There’s a platter of photographic subjects here from the palaces to the bustling night market in the Medina, the old town. People are everywhere at all hours, shouting, hawking, haggling, and you’ll even see a snake charmer or two in the corners of the plazas! Then we’re off and flying down the cerulean coast to Essaouira to discover all the hidden gems it has – in the form of traditional fishing villages where the locals will take us in and teach us their way of life.

In Morocco, cities rest between long stretches of wilderness, so we’ll leave our contact with the cities of man for the temples of nature not long into our trip.

It would be remiss to go on a Moroccan photography tour without going to Ouarzazate which is the last trading post before the maw of the Sahara swallows the world. It’s also nearby Ait Ben Haddou which played host to countless Hollywood movie sets and is well worth our time to stop and photograph. After that, we’re headed out to the desert to camp with the locals in Merzouga and other towns in the heart of the amber sands.

There is so much to see and do in Morocco on a photography tour. From the throngs in the markets, weaving between ancient Moorish buildings in Marrakech to the Hollywood-esque dazzle of Casablanca, these jewels of the desert will not disappoint any photographer, veteran, or amateur alike.



Unlike other photography trips to Morocco, Nomad Photography Expedition’s photo tour will not be about sites and landmarks alone. 

Of course, we’ll be stopping in the plays of legend but our primary focus will be the lesser-known areas, the roads less taken, and above all, the people of the region. With a place like Morocco that has in some areas become quite touristy, it’s important to find the back alleys and the parts of the cities and towns where the locals go, which is exactly what this photography tour is about. 

We’ll offer you sessions with dancers, musicians, tent-dwelling men of the desert, and take camel rides to quite undisturbed locations around the Moroccan map to make sure you get the most authentic experience possible.



Years of experience leading Photographic Trips in Morocco


          We have been designing and leading the most extraordinary photo tours to Morocco for many years now. On each and every trip, we keep learning more, and our expertise and knowledge of Morocco enable us to unlock the country's mysteries. We have special access to locations that are usually off-limits to the general public. You will learn about the true cultural aspects of this remarkable country in a small group on a, nearly, private tour.

You will discover an incredible culture, a myriad of photographic opportunities, with a rich past and surprising customs, far away from the tourist traps.

This photography trip to Morocco allows you to explore one of North Africa's most fascinating countries. Our tailor-made photo tour features stay in Marrakech, Fez, Essaouira, Ouarzazate, among other places. It’s more than people's photography. Our Morocco photo tours' cultural diversity cannot be mirrored. We travel through desert landscapes in search of various historical and cultural sites that will uncover many mysteries about East Asian culture. We conquer amazing nature thanks to its oases and natural sites.

It is not only about photography. You will savor a comfortable and stylish Moroccan lodging, on y our best moments of relaxation and intense renewal, thanks to our carefully selected addresses.

The many different landscapes and events which will display before your eyes will surely impress you. It's a true beauty show that will awaken in you a sense of freedom and serenity, from shimmering nature to sunny cities through golden dunes.


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Why a photography trip in Morocco with Harry Fisch


          The answer is simple: because this tour has been hand-crafted by Harry to offer access that is second to none, to real culture and the real people that practice it. Harry is a renowned international traveler and travel photographer with a great breadth of expertise in a variety of countries, including Morocco. His team has been working to cultivate ties to the area for almost two decades, and this photography trip to Morocco is the culmination of all that hard work. It’s always the best choice to go with someone who has known the area as long as Harry has.

Plus, the advice and photographic counsel you will get on this trip will be professional and on point. As an award-winning travel photographer in his own right, Harry will be there to help you hone your skills while you work in this challenging environment. While the top notch guide helps you navigate the area, Harry will help you navigate the photographic pitfalls and challenges Morocco can provide so that you end up with stunning, once-in-a-lifetime shots.

Lastly, while the tour is very structured, you won’t be limited by any means. The team understands a need to venture off on your own and find your own space, your own narrative that needs to be told, and they’ll support you in your efforts. There will be equal parts time for you to engage in structured photo shoots set up by Nomad, but also free time for you to chase down whatever story catches your eye.