Nov. 03 - 12, 2021


A shoemaker in Havana, Cuba

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The Real Cuba Photo Tour

A Real-Life Cuba Photo Tour with an outstanding display of photographic opportunities. Staged photo sessions alternate with the spontaneous shooting. Led by an expert in Cuba, and award-winning bilingual Spanish-English photographer.

We are mainly oriented toward people photography and buildings: short lenses, close distance, atmospheric places. Dancers, shoemakers, barbers, old art nouveau buildings, decadent structures. We will be sharing moments of real life with the city and subjects, seeking opportunities in the most interesting spots and encounters in Havana

It is an opportunity to really meet and connect with the Cuban people, and experience the quickly-shifting cultural landscape they live in. This Cuba Photo tour will introduce you to a bundle of photographic scenarios and subjects in a changing Cuba and Havana that I know well.


A real people photography experience

The difference: I have been visiting Cuba yearly for more than 15 years, I speak fluently Spanish (being a Spaniard lately based in Madrid in spite of my foreign name) and most important, we do not go where the tourists go. We are not tourists.

I try to get my group to know the city like locals and not as tourists: we use local means of transport (old American cars or cycle cars), have drinks where locals have drinks, etc...

The group is normally small, from 5 to 8 people. We will never be taking pictures as a group as — usually — a maximum of two photographers will be working together with their subjects. We expend the whole day long taking pictures, and when we feel like, viewing the work done. And of course, enjoying breaks that become authentic events in Havana.

I bring my photographers to different areas of the city where we know how to find opportunities and "train" them to get in close contact with people and get a better possibility and opportunities of a picture with soul..

An insider's photographic trip

We will have a real session of Vodoo (Santeria). As close to an authentic session as can a programmed session be: at my friend's place (Guanabacoa, a marginal outskirt) with real and authentic santeros. Havana is a nonstop location for pictures, and I personally know quite a few "characters" that are quite interesting. We stay in the old center of the city, perfectly placed at walking distances to very interesting photo locations.