Japan Photo tour

Enjoy a unique guided photography tour in Japan

The Japan photo tour follows the tradition and trends of Nomad Photo Expeditions trips. This edition is designed to be an introduction of ancient and trendy Japan with the feeling, once back home, of having begun to grasp the mystery of a very distinct culture.

Our photo tour in Japan offers incredible photographic opportunities at your fingertips. From the streets of Tokyo to the alleys of Kyoto, exploring old sanctuaries, tranquil Zen gardens, beautiful Torii Gates, and the ruins of the old temples to discover the old hidden Japanese secrets. The whole trip will begin with a walk through Tokyo, Japan's oldest, oldest and greatest city, with a special feature at the ancient Temple of Heaven.


We know what is of great and authentic photographic interest and what isn’t, and we have, of course, a solid connection to the locals.


The Photographic sessions with Maikos

 It is not easy to carry out a private photography session in a Japan photographic trip. As a matter of fact there are different ways. Maikos are Geisha apprentices.  We will have both spontaneous shoots while wandering the alleys in carefully selected places and off the beaten track, as well as carefully planed photo sessions that include set and portrait work. There will be a real bunch of photo opportunities at your fingertips, as we will experience the lively, Tokyo's cutting-edge alleys to Kyoto's peaceful alleys, exploring the famous and incredible island of Miyajima, the little known and rarely visited by tourists Mount Sosha, Ancient shrines, quiet Zen gardens, beautiful Torii gates, and much more.

In their first stage of training, the girls were called Shikomi. At this stage they were engaged in housekeeping and all kinds of errands. They would also start attending a special school, Karyukai , to learn the necessary skills of a geisha.

Typically, a geisha had to be able to master the arts of classical dance, traditional songs, tea ceremony, ikebana or flower arranging, literature, poetry and drama. Their main function was to accompany at parties given at teahouses, Ochaya, or at gatherings inside traditional Riotei  restaurants.

After passing the dance exam, the girl could debut as a Minarai  and start painting only her lower lip red. At that time it was necessary to find an experienced geisha to take her on as an apprentice. The Okasan would assign a stipend to these geisha for their mentoring services. During this stage, the girl had to learn everything she could from the one who would become from then on her Oneesan , in Japanese, older sister.



More than a photo tour: an  authentic experience .

Yes, this is a photo tour.  But, and,  not a visit to different sites with a camera.

The photographic experience and the personal experience must be unique, pleasant and unforgettable.. When we design our itineraries we always keep in mind the main reason of all our efforts : to do our most and accomplish the dream of the photographers who accompany us in the destinations.

We know what is of great and authentic photographic interest and what isn’t, and we have, of course, a solid connection to the locals.
All our on site previous work is focused to offer you at your fingertips situations and locations where we can create photos of extraordinary interest,

We organize a few photo sessions with models dressed in traditional dresses as well as a visit to a Kendo dojo.  Our idea is to give you a taste of traditional Japan as well a the modern approach of one of the countries that have embraced technology with the same enthusiasm as they keep their traditions. This will allow us to explore in detail the Japanese tradition and Buddhism. In this trip you will be able to visit the places where famous Japanese Samurai warriors lived. We will also have the chance to visit and photograph a beautiful new temple by the sea in Kyoto (the old-fashioned Japanese style). These ancient Japanese temples have been damaged by the earthquake, which resulted in the massive cave under the old Torii Gate of Kakei no Kami.