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Mongolia Photo Tour Rendeer Herders

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Adventure Mongolia Photo Tours

Mongolia is without a doubt one of the most underrated places to take photography trips. Travel photographers would do well to add a Mongolia photo tour on their list of eventual must do. While it doesn’t seem like much of a typical tourist destination, it is photographically speaking, an astounding experience.

Rugged and expansive with open and generous people, Mongolia is moving into the 21st century with its amenities while holding well to its long standing traditions. The countryside is vast and beautiful with large, open sky above rocky fields and plains. And the people and festivals are equally gorgeous. Mongolia offers the opportunity not only to photograph its people as they are but also as they were, reflecting decades of history. From the traditional garb and whirling, colorful skirts of the women to the impressive skill of the horse masters racing, you’ll never lack for stellar photo opportunities.


A day and a half together with the traditional EAGLE HUNTERS in a deep private photo tour session witnessing how they train and hunt.


Enjoy our guided photography tour in Mongolia

One of the best things we do on a guided photography tour of Mongolia is make sure we get away from the capital. While Ulaanbaatar is interesting in its own right, it’s the deep country where all the best action happens. Our guided tour is designed specifically to get you those fantastic up close and personal opportunities in the ger camps, to ride alongside camel herders, and enjoy private sessions with real shamans that live out in the villages. No other Mongolia photo tour gives such exclusive access to authentic experiences! Camel herders, wild horses, people in their tents. 

Eagle Hunters of Mongolia Photo expedition

We would be remiss if we did not offer photography trips to the Eagle Festival. Nomad will take you off the beaten path to the far remote villages such as Uglii in order to photograph the yearly festival. The synergy of man and bird is incredible, and you’ll have full access to the eagle trainers and get to see them in action, as well as the massive birds of prey themselves! There’s nothing more authentically Mongolian.


Enjoy a full-day private photo tour session and document with wild Mongolian horses taming in a Nomadic landscape after our lunch in the Mongolian tents.


What is different on our Mongolia Photo Tour?

  • - A small group of only 7 maximum participants, guided in areas which have until now hardly been pictured, and led with an internationally acclaimed photographer with deep knowledge of the region and solid contacts.
  • - Best off-road, air-conditioned (Toyotas or Lexus) comfortable cars. No Russian trucks. Mongolia can be hot and the roads can be harsh.
  • - First-class hotel in Ulaan-Baatar and best available tented camps along the trip.
  • - Genuine and authentic connection with the Mongolian villagers (we already have friends there.)
  • - A day and a half together with the traditional Eagle Hunters in a  deep private photo tour session witnessing how they train and hunt.
  • - The authentic rural Naadam festivities, in a village far from the Ulaan Baatar stadium escaping the multitudes and the tourists.
  • - Private photographic tour sessions with camel herders, fighters, horse races, white camels, dancers whirling with skirts flaring, archers, military musicians
  • - Enjoy a full-day private photo tour session and document with wild Mongolian horses taming in a Nomadic landscape after our lunch in the Mongolian tents.
  • - Travel all the way in comfortable 4x4 with a maximum of 3 participants in each car and avoid harsh Russian 4x4 cars.
  • - We bring our own toilets to the camp.


Photography tour of Mongolian culture

One of the greatest parts of a photography trip to Mongolia is the culture, and there are some events that outshine others, such as Nadaam. Nadaam is a festival of everything, but specifically Mongolian heritage where the locals celebrate by hosting games, dancing, athletic competitions, cook outs, and parades. Like with all Nomad tours, you’ll get personal access to real people in smaller and lesser-known locations, so you know the experience will be culturally authentic. From the athletes themselves to members of the military bands, wise men, and chefs, Nomad’s Mongolia photo tour doesn’t miss a beat of the local flavor. 

On our photography tours the most interesting activities are linked to Mongolia Nomadic tradition. The nomadic way of life is still performed in the country's rural areas today.  We visit the Eagle Hunters who migrate from place to place, following the most favorable grasslands and campsites, raising and breeding the five main types of stock – goat, sheep, cattle (including yaks), camel, and horse.

We have as well a private photo session with a Shaman. Shamanism dates back to long before Chinggis Khan's time, but it was Chinggis Khan who made it such an important part of Mongolian tradition. At the time, the Mongolians were revered as “Hoh Tenger” (blue skies). Despite being oppressed during the communist era, Shamanism is still practiced in Mongolia, and people seeking assistance will view a Shaman for a blessing or cure, as well as for clues about their future. It is still surprising to witness the activities of a Shaman and register their images on our cameras.

For many Mongolians, Buddhism is flavored with traces of Shamanism, an even older spirituality. Mongolians have practiced Buddhism since the 16th century when Tibetan lamas turned to Budhism the Mongolian king, Altan Khan.  We will be as well visiting a couple of Monasteries, even if, most of the times photography is not allowed while the monks are praying.  Mongolians adhere to Tibetan Buddhist teachings (also known as Lamaism), which are a body of religious Buddhist doctrine and institutions unique to Tibet and the Himalayan region. Mongolia still celebrates its Buddhist heritage today. Monasteries are being restored and are once again bustling with worshippers.


Why a photography trip in Mongolia with Harry Fisch?

Mongolia is not a country that’s easy to do on one’s own. You want a guide who is well versed in the country but also has the right connections to get you out of the main tourist areas of Ulaanbaatar and into the real Mongolia, out in the hinterlands. Harry Fisch has spent several years cultivating his connections in the region so as to offer the best designed and open access photo tour possible.

Plus, with Harry’s experience as a travel photographer, you’ll be able to build up your skills in a unique environment. Between the review sessions offered, the hands on attention during the tour, and the quality and amount of private photo opportunities that these Mongolia photo tours offer, you won’t walk away without some truly incredible pictures, and a fantastic learning experience.