Sep. 25 - Oct. 03 , 2022


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Spain Photo Tour

This unique photo tour will chart a course from the capital in Madrid down to sunny Andalucía, where flamenco and bullfighting were born in the cradle of the former Moorish empire. But do not expect a tourist attraction; this photo tour takes you to meet the real Spain, from the bull farmers to the artisans, fields of olives and out of the way vineyards where people work according to centuries of tradition. And of course, the incredible experience of places such as La Alhambra awaits you on this trip.

Why a photography tour with Harry Fisch?

Harry is an award winning, internationally renowned photographer with great experience in the field as both an artist and a teacher. The Spain Photography Tour is special, because Harry is a native of the south of the country, so you will have exclusive, one of a kind access to the land in a way no other trip can offer you.

As with all his guided photo tours, Harry centers his tour around people. This Spain photo tour offers liberal access to real people for photo shoots as well as some impromptu sessions. The subjects will be anyone from professional dancers, to bullfighters, to farmer workers and chefs who all represent the real Spain as it lives and breathes in this day and age.

On this tour you will have a professional guide, and Harry as your lead photographer and photographic advisor.

Spain Travel Photography

There is no time of year that isn’t perfect for this trip. The South of Spain hosts good weather year round, and there is never a lack of photographically interesting things to see and do. From the famed processions of the Holy Week in April, to the Horse Festivals in May, and the Saint Celebrations all through summer and early autumn, there will be plenty for your camera to feast upon in this photographically rich region.

Photography Tours in Madrid

The tour begins in Madrid and will spend several days in the city, which include exclusive “backstage” access to the country’s premier bullfighting school and a private photoshoot with the toreros in action (though no bulls will be seen nor animals harmed in the course of this tour). We’ll also explore all of the busy Captial’s markets, old town, and of course, tapas. Then, it’s off to Andalucía.

Photography Tours in Andalucía

The tale of Andalucía starts in the 8th century when several prominent cultures meshed – most notably the Moors, Romans, and later the Medieval Christians. It is the birthplace of flamenco, the seat of the country’s olive cache, and bearer of some of the most beautiful and singular architecture in the entire world. This part of our guided photo tour has quite a few highlights in various cities.


Córdoba is not to be missed. Photographically speaking there will be opportunities here you can’t find anywhere else – such as catching the sunrise in Old Town over the famous Roman bridge, the waterwheels, and of course what Spain photo tour would be complete without the Great Mosque? We’ll have several hours inside the structure to shoot before heading to the famous patios which will be just a week away from their annual display and competition. We also have planned backstage passes to an authentic flamenco show where we will have a private photo session with the dancers and musicians.


Granada is the jewel of the south and the most incredible part of it will definitely be La Alhambra. Harry will take you through Granada’s Red Castle from each garden to the Patio of the Lions to get the full view (and all the shots you could ever want) of this illustrious structure. Another photo shoot is also planned for sunset from the overlook in the Albaicyn, where we’ll be able to see La Alhambra from the outside.


Before heading to Sevilla itself we’ll be stopping in Pilas where there is a horse ranch which raises almost all of the horses for the Royal Academy of the Equestrian Arts. Horse mastery is one of Sevilla’s finest traditions, and we’ll be staying there not only for private photo sessions with the horse masters, but also for the view of the gorgeous countryside, and later a horse show.

Once in Sevilla itself our Spain photo tour continues to the Water Gardens of the famed Alcazár, and out to a private ‘palace’ where we will have a photo shoot with professional dancers and models!